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Hard to believe, but after tonight we'll be one-third of the way through season two. Already, we've gotten ample drama from Angelina, and the gnarled, dysfunctional relationship of Sammi and Ronnie. But there's been some fun to be had, too, thanks largely to Mike, Pauly and the laughable idea that Angelina would be able to fit in after bailing from Seaside Heights early in the first season.

Here's what all eight roommates were up to last week heading into tonight's episode of "Jersey Shore":

1. Situation - Flying under the radar, he helped broker peace between Angelina and the rest of the house, tenuous as it may be, then tried to use his ab-sets to lure customers to the gelato shop on a slow night. Didn't work. Poor guy must be losing his mojo.

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2. Jenni - Looked as if she was eating Brussels sprouts while doing it, but hopped aboard the Angelina redemption bus, then wondered whether she and Snooki should clue Sammi in about Ronnie's dirty deeds.

3. Pauly - Got VERY angry with Angelina, then hit the town with Mike and Vinny, making out with a grenade back at the house. Must have been blinded by his rage.

4. Ronnie - Ditched Sammi to go clubbing with his boys, once again getting very innebriated and hitting on women before returning home to sleep with Sammi. Another couple episodes like this, and the boy's gonna need an intervention.

5. Sammi - Seems to finally be wising up to Ronnie's wicked ways. Watches as he first says he'll stay in with her, then ditches her for a night out with the boys. Everyone one else has know something's fishy with the Sammi-Ronnie "relationship." Apparently, she finally smells it, too.

6. Vinny - Got a haircut in the Hood, went to bed with Snooki (no innapropriate business going on) and thought he'd use his job at the gelato shop to score chicks. Good luck with that.

7. Snooki - Extended an olive branch to Angelina, but do we believe it'll stick? Also pushed Ronnie to be honest with Sammi, and for her trouble got pushed back, literally. Like Jenni, ended the episode thinking about clueing her friend into her boyfriend's cheating.

8. Angelina - Torched the last remaining civil relationships she had in the house, with Mike and Pauly, then went into damage control to put out the fires. Everyone seems to be cool with her... but not so cool she could hang with Mike, Vinny and Pauly during their MVP night. (The shot of Angelina, disgustingly holding a pool cue with her other roommates? Priceless). Spent the last half of last week on the sidelines, making me wonder if her time to shine has come and gone for now. Even Vinny gets a one-liner in when he's not the focal point.

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