'Jersey Shore' Sammi and J-Woww
Sammi, left, and J-Woww MTV photo

Every character on "Jersey Shore" -- and let's be real here; they are characters -- has filled a specific role.

Pauly is the big brother everyone gets along with. Snooki is the party girl. Situation is the player. Ronnie, at least this season, is the bad boy.

And Jenni? That's easy. She's The Enforcer. As often as not, this has meant her tangling with many of her housemates. Witness:

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Last season, she got her paws all over Pauly (in a good way), until fidelity to her boyfriend won out over the prospects of a quick hook up;

While the cast was in Atlantic City later in season one, she smacked Mike around something good. (In a he-deserved-it way);

Earlier this season, she threatened to knock Angelina around (in a why-won't-she-just-go-ahead-and-do-it way).

 Judging from the previews of tonight's episode, it's Sammi's turn in K-Poww's crosshairs, for a melee that will put all others to shame.

Ladies and gentlemen, we have hair pulling.

 As "Jersey Shore" reaches the midpoint of its second season, this could be a game-changer. It also raises more than a couple questions for Sammi, Jenni and the rest of the house:

Is this a minor dustup the two will quickly move past?

Is it a major blowup that will have lasting repercussions for the two moving forward?

When the dust settles, will the rest of the house have to pick sides, putting an end to family dinners for good?

If this is how Jenni treats her friends, do you want to get on her bad side?

 After tonight, the second season will have just six more episodes. My guess is fallout from tonight's smackdown will shake up the remainder of the season. Sure, it could be a big red herring, and I'll take the hit if it is, but I'm not thinking it will be. It's fitting tonight's episode airs as Hurricane Earl barrels up the coast. Because there's a storm a brewin' on "Jersey Shore." And the damage it causes isn't going to be pretty.

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