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This week's poll question was easy to come up with. More than 24 hours later, I'm still finding new things to hash out about "The Letter."

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Like: Ronnie on the warpath about who wrote said Letter, only to get all stone-faced and silent when he clearly had the chance to tear into Jenni and Snooki for doing it. Um, HEELLLLOOOOOO!!!!???? The producers aren't paying you to brood; I think they want a little confrontation. Luckily with this merry band of misfits, a little throwdown isn't far away.

Also: How lucky is Vinny. Guy doesn't do anything that merits face time on camera, yet scores with one chick and goes all Marcel Marceau on Ronnie when The Letter surfaces. Luckiest day of his life must've been when he got the call for "Jersey Shore"...

But neither of those things make the poll. Let your voices be heard and let us know what was the best part of Thursday's episode. There's no wrong answer, just delicious fun to be had reliving it all...


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