Daina Ross Review
Diana Ross performs live on stage of the Circus Maximus Theater in Caesars Atlantic City Friday night. Mike Manger

ATLANTIC CITY — The diva’s still got it.

The voice. The “diva-tude.” That over-the-top puff of hair. With Diana Ross, what you see is what you get.

On Friday night, what the fans got was a flawless performance from a diva who could teach some other artists how it’s really done.

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Ross, headlining her “More Today Than Yesterday” greatest-hits tour, performed for a sold-out crowd at the Circus Maximus Theater at Caesars Atlantic City.

Her performance, complete with five costume changes, was a nonstop party of hit after hit, with Ross hitting every note.

“The good old days,” Ross told the crowd before beginning her classic Motown hit “Reflections” ... “we’re going back — memories.”

That, save for a few thank-yous, was pretty much it for the crowd banter. Ross stuck to her setlist, simply smiling at the end of each hit and motioning to her 15-piece band. But considering the singer is belting out tunes that are some four decades old, Ross’ enthusiasm — though arguably a bit forced at times — was impressive.

As was her attitude. A fan who was a little late getting to the show — and blocking the view of others as he tried to find a seat — got the diva treatment for daring to mess with Ross’ show.

“Wait, wait, wait ... stop the music,” Ross told her band, which slowly faded to a stop with “Can’t Hurry Love.”

“You can’t just walk in front of people like that,” Ross said. “Even in New York, you don’t just walk down like that. You wait until intermission.”

The man sheepishly sat down — and the crowd went wild. Ross signaled to the band to resume the song.

From there, it was hit after hit. Ross launched into “Stop! In The Name of Love,” “Keep Me Hangin’ On” and “Love Child” ... and, after a costume change that included a jacket of fluffy red feathers, her classic “I’m Comin’ Out.”

At 66, Ross is still every bit the star she was in the heydey of the Supremes. On Friday night, she proved it all over again.

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