Party food is supposed to be easy. You are, after all, having a party to have a good time, right?

These easy Halloween dishes not only are simple to assemble, they require little planning and help keep the mood light and festive.

Start off with the dip. Equally at home with a platter of vegetables or chips and pretzels, this avocado and cream-cheese dip will appeal to kids and adults.

Plus, Halloween is one of the few times of the year where food doesn't need to look pretty. And it's nice if not everything on Halloween revolves around sugar.

For something bready, try a frozen puff pastry formed into "bones."

Puff pastry is a cinch to work with. You'll find it in the grocer's freezer section. Simply thaw according to package directions, then unfold, slice, season and bake.

And feel free to play around with the spices, swapping in Italian seasoning, chili powder or even curry powder for the Old Bay seasoning.

For a sweet touch, go with pots of dirt. Or rather, peanut butter and hot fudge blended with a few other tasty ingredients to resemble dirt.