Food briefs: New from Lean Cuisine, wine of the week


New from

Lean Cuisine

Lean Cuisine has introduced a line of six frozen dinners called Honestly Good.

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Unlike most of the other Lean Cuisine products, the Honestly Good offerings are complete dinners - meat (in five of the six it's a single whole piece: three feature a grilled chicken breast filet; one is a coconut-crusted salmon filet; one is a grain-crusted fish filet, only the beef dinner contains cut-up meat); a vegetable combination; an interesting starch (whole-grain pilaf, brown rice with wheat berries, etc.), and a sauce in a separate packet.

The chicken varieties have honey citrus, roasted red pepper or pomegranate sauce; the salmon has lemongrass sauce; the (unnamed) fish comes with plum ginger sauce and the beef has pineapple black pepper sauce.

Frozen bananas

Dole's new frozen Banana Dippers are slices of banana enrobed in dark chocolate (chopped almonds optional). The box contains six bags (each weighing 1.55 ounces) of four slices each, and costs about $4.

Wine of the Week

2010 Vietti Nebbiolo 'Perbacco'

Region: Piedmont, Italy

Price: $24 to $30

Style: Medium-bodied, complex and elegant

What it goes with: Pasta dishes, roast chicken, barbecued meats, burgers

Think of this Nebbiolo from Barolo producer Vietti as a youthful cousin of Barolo, made with the same grape varietal, picked from vineyards in the Barolo region with an average vine age of 35 years. So this isn't exactly young vines but a wonderfully structured, delicious Nebbiolo that doesn't need the excuse of a big occasion for you to pop the cork. Actually, this wine has the same vinification and aging as Vietti's famed Barolo "Castiglione," so it's a real bargain at $30. and less. Complex and elegant, it's supple enough to drink with a roast chicken or a hearty pasta dish, and will hold its own against anything from the grill too.

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