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There are two new flavors of Nabisco's old standby, the Fig Newton. To refresh your view of the Newton landscape, we already had, in addition to the original, fat-free and whole-grain versions, Newtons in strawberry and raspberry flavors, and mini-sized Newtons in fig and strawberry. Now we also have Triple Berry Newtons and Sweet Peach & Apricot Newtons.

Fish arts

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Fish ought to be simple, but it can be tricky. To boost your chances of success, get good fish. Pre-marinated, frozen fish that's been soaking in a gloppy sauce won't do well. Ask where it came from and how fresh it is.

Clean and oil the grill grates with a brush right after taking food off, as the grates clean easier when they're hot. If you didn't do that, wait until the grates are hot and give them a good rub with a heavy grill brush or even a ball of foil. Then oil the grate or brush oil on the fish.

Meats do this cool thing where they release from hot metal when they're ready to turn. Try to slide a spatula under it; if it's sticking, give it a minute.

Check thickness by pointing your index finger down next to the fish. The first line of your joint is one inch. Cook 10 minutes per inch total, not per side.

Give it a flavor boost off the fire. A squirt of lemon, a pat of flavored butter or maple syrup on salmon.

Wine of the Week

2007 Chasseur Pinot Noir 'Sonoma Coast'

Region:Sonoma Coast

Price: From $35 to $40

Style: Elegant, complex

What it goes with: Roast chicken, grilled lamb chops, salmon

This Pinot Noir from cool climate Sonoma Coast is a marvel of fruit and finesse. Winemaker Bill Hunter is old school: No fining or filtering for his Chasseur Pinot. The 2007 unfolds like a flower in the glass, scented with cherries and raspberries with a whiff of earth. It's all silk in the mouth, medium-bodied and tasting like new world Pinot Noir with a light veil of spice. Together, they've produced an elegant Pinot.

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