So, you've grown so many fruits and vegetables you ended up with extra. Or maybe the produce at the farmers market or supermarket was so tempting that you bought too much.

One solution for using the food before it goes bad is juicing. That's also a good way to use fruits and veggies that are overripe or not as pretty as the rest of your crop.

Juices and their cousins, smoothies, also can illustrate some unexpectedly successful partnerships among ingredients. Take, for example, Creamsicle Juice, where a sweet potato adds a delightful creaminess to a mixture of apple and orange juices.

Creamsicle Juice


•4 to 5 peeled, organic oranges

•2 to 3 organic pears or apples

•1 sweet potato

•2 cups ice, optional


Process through a juicer one item at a time, then mix juices. To thicken, if desired, put in a blender with about 2 cups of ice and blend until smooth.

Servings: 4