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Sparkle or Vitamins?

From the makers of V8 comes Sparkling V-Fusion. Each 8.4-ounce can of the carbonated drink contains the same 1/4 cup of vegetables and 1/4 cup of fruit (one combined serving of fruit and vegetables) as all the V-Fusion drinks, but unlike all other V drinks, which have 100 percent or more of the daily value for vitamin C, a can of Sparkling V-Fusion contains only 20 percent.

Learn to Cook

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The Academy of Culinary Arts in Mays Landing offers two-year programs in culinary arts and food services. Specialize in hot foods; baking and pastry making; or food management and catering. Full-time classes meet five hours per day in morning, afternoon or evening shifts. Part-time classes also are available. To register for fall classes, call 800-645-2433 or visit

Pancake chemistry

When two substances are chemically different, they will repel each other, particularly when one is a fat. But if you can bring oil and vinegar together for a vinaigrette, surely there's a way to bring butter and maple syrup together. Put the syrup in a saucepan over low heat and bring to to 234 degrees. Then add the butter, which will melt. Pour the syrup and butter mixture into a mixing bowl and beat with an electric mixture until it's fluffy. Keep it refrigerated and it should stay together long enough to end up on your pancakes.

Wine of the Week

2010 Bonny Doon Vineyard Clos de Gilroy Central Coast Grenache

Region: Central Coast

Price: About $18

Style: Medium-bodied

What it goes with: Aioli, grilled chicken, fish and vegetables.

This bright, lively red with hints of pepper and fragrant wild herbs is a great match for that grand summertime spread of vegetables and garlicky mayonnaise called, in Provence, le grand aioli. At less than $20, it's a good buy too.

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