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High-end beans

S&W Fine Foods, maker of upscale canned fruits and vegetables, including 15 varieties of canned beans, introduces a line of "recipe collection" seasoned beans. The new varieties are mild jalape´┐Żo black beans (with lime juice), chipotle pinto beans (with mesquite flavor), Cuban recipe black beans (with onions, peppers and cumin), and pinquito beans (with onions and cumin).

Fornelleto in Best

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Wine Restaurants

Wine Enthusiast Magazine rated Forneletto Cucina & Wine Bar inside Borgata Hotel and Casino as one of the 100 Best Wine Restaurants for 2012. The magazine calls Tenuta dell'Ornellaia's 2008 Masseto wine and Forneletto's lamb chops scottadito with roasted artichokes and sheep's milk rocotta "an ethereal pairing."

Spice it up

Kraft's string cheese is now available with flavorful inclusions: jalape´┐Żo and tomato basil, at the same price as plain string cheese.

Moldy blues

Commercially made blue cheese dressing usually will keep several months after opening, as long as it is refrigerated and handled properly. Make it last longer by not putting anything in the jar, from a fork to a finger, that might introduce bacteria. At home, starting with a solid wedge of blue cheese instead of pre-crumbled blue could introduce more bacteria. If the recipe has vinegar, it might keep longer. Keep homemade blue cheese dressing no more than 5 to 7 days in the refrigerator.

Wine of the Week

2011 Domaine de Reuilly Pinot Gris Rose

Region: Loire Valley

Price: About $19

Style: Crisp and minerally

What it goes with: crudites, steamed mussels, omelets and salads

This rose, made entirely from Pinot Gris, is unique year after year, but in 2011 estate owner Denis Jamain made a particularly good example. The color of pale onion skin, it's aromatic but not overblown, crisp and minerally.

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