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Start cookout season the right way

Cleaning, seasoning and maintaining your grill will yield tasty results

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Posted: Sunday, May 26, 2013 12:01 am

Grills are like cast-iron skillets; the more you use them, the better they cook. That's because when food cooks on the grill, the fats and juices are instantly vaporized by the heating elements or charcoal briquettes.

The vapor creates the smoke that flavors the food with that legendary grilled taste. The smoke that isn't absorbed by the food accumulates on the inside of the grill, and so the grill gets "seasoned."

Let's start with the cleaning. If you've had your grill for a while and use it a lot, you may notice the lid looks like peeling paint. It isn't. This is simply the accumulation of layers of smoke.

Warm soapy water, a scrub brush and a little elbow grease will take the excess bits of black smoke off the inside of the grill lid with little trouble. And you only need to do this once a year.

Next, burn and scrape off any food bits stuck to the grates. Turn all the burners on high for a gas grill with the lid down.

For a charcoal grill, burn a chimney starter of charcoal with the lid closed. Let the flames burn until any residue has turned into a white colored ash. Brush gently with either a brass bristle brush or my makeshift foil cleaning brush.

A brass bristle brush is soft enough to bend and not break off like steel brushes. That is the only kind I would use. The harder, more brittle brushes also can damage the finish on your cooking grates.

If you don't have a grill brush or don't want to use one, crumble heavy-duty foil into a ball about the size of a tennis ball. Hold the ball in a pair of sturdy, 12-inch locking chef tongs and brush away!

Remember to use heavy-duty foil or the ball will disintegrate.

After you clean your grill, it's time to season it. My favorite, and very effective, method is to fill the cooking grate with uncooked fresh sausages such as bratwurst or Italian sausage, but any food with a medium- to high-fat content that will cook for at least 30 minutes is ideal.

I usually cook the sausages at a lower temperature than normal for this.

Grill the sausages slowly on low-medium heat until they are bubbling hot and very brown. Remove the sausages from the grill, then reset the burners to high, letting the grill burn off the residue until it turns white, about 20 to 30 minutes.

Do this while you enjoy the grilled sausage recipe below. When you are done eating, clean the cooking grates by rubbing them with foil or a brush again.

Grill cleaning

•n Preheat the grill on high every time you use it.

•n After pre-heating, use crumpled foil to loosen and clean away any gray ash or leftover residue on the cooking grates.

•n After removing the food from the cooking grate, turn burners back to high and burn any stuck-on food off for 10 to 15 minutes.

•n After each use, use a brass-bristle grill brush or crumpled foil to loosen and clean residue on the cooking grate.

•n Remove accumulated ashes from charcoal grills frequently.

•n Clean both the inner and the outer drip pan of a gas grill frequently

•n Once a year, clean the inside of the grill with warm, soapy water.

Grill safety

•n Always read the owner's manual before using a new gas or charcoal grill.

•n Do not lean over a barbecue grill when igniting.

•n When lighting a gas grill, the lid should always be open.

•n Gas or charcoals grills should never be used indoors; they are outdoor cooking appliances.

•n Every time a refilled propane tank is reconnected to the barbecue, the hose connection should be checked for leaks.

•n Always use heat-resistant barbecue mitts or gloves and long-handled tools.

•n When done cooking, cover the charcoal grill and close all vents.

•n Turn a gas grill off at the burners and the gas source. ]]>

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