Wine and Dine

by the Shore

The Shore Diner in Egg Harbor Township recently won Wine Spectator magazine's Award of Excellence for 2012. Wine Spectator considers quality and number of wine producers available, and how the wine and prices relate to the restaurant's overall theme. The Shore Diner's 120-bottle wine list - categorized by country and region with descriptions and wine rankings - offers a variety of wines from rare Bordeaux to ultra-hip boutique wines from Australia, to Chilean table wine. A Le Cache wine cabinet regulates light, themperature and humidity, keeping the Diner's 600 bottles at constant cellar conditions. And the 24 wines that are available by the glass are stored at a precise 55 degrees for reds or 45 degrees for whites - not on the bar.

Oikos! Is this war?

There are two brands of yogurt called Oikos! The larger one, in the dark blue tubs, is Dannon Oikos. The other, which has caramel- and chocolate-bottomed flavors, is Stonyfield organic Oikos. So, is giant Dannon, which has registered the Oikos trademark, about to sue the organic pants off little Stonyfield Farms? No, friends. It turns out that French giant Group Dannone owns both products.

Wine of the Week

2009 Domaine Rostaing Syrah 'Les Lezardes'

Region: Rhone Valley

Price: About $32

Style: Rich and spicy

What it goes with: Grilled ribs and chops

While Cote-Rotie by definition is expensive, Rene Rostaing's "Les Lezardes" Syrah, made from old vines adjacent to Cote-Rotie, offers great value. The grapes may not boast that heady appellation, but they deliver an enchanting Syrah. Unmistakably northern Rhone, the 2009 "Les Lezardes" is rich and spicy, tasting of wild plums and carrying the scent of sun-baked herbs from the steep hillsides.

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