Not long after Ocean City High School’s field hockey team ended its season, Cory Terry formally announced she wouldn’t be returning as the team’s head coach.

The girls had just won the state Group III championship. So why did Terry decide to leave?

It turns out the Upper Township resident had bigger plans when it came to life coaching. So she started — an Etsy or Uber-like website that connects local wellness and fitness experts and their services to South Jersey residents.

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The website is a freelance community co-founded by Terry and her boyfriend, Anthony Kohanski, with a third partner as the web developer.

The site breaks down different regimens that are specifically geared — and priced — for each individual client.

On the homepage, one link offers a $200 long-term nutrition and fitness plan and another link includes training sessions with baseball player Mike Trout’s offseason personal trainer for $65.

Terry said she looked at service-provider websites such as Uber and peer-to-peer experiences such as Etsy and wanted to bring that to the personal-training market.

“There wasn’t something like that for wellness and fitness, where people could share trainers, could share their niche and connect with clients all on one site,” Terry said.

Terry calls it a freelance fitness business. Her company makes money off individual transactions between trainers and clients.

Though it’s in the early stages, Terry and company hope to expand the site outside of South Jersey to the East Coast and continue until it is a national network.

The website, though live right now, is small in its amount of content. But in two years Terry thinks trainers will be coming to her to advertise themselves on the site.

“Right now we’re focused on getting this baby right off the ground,” she said. “Getting trainers first and then the clients will come and then we push and promote and highlight these trainers on the website until it becomes more populated.”

Dan Richter is the owner of PDR Personal Training Services and is the personal trainer for Mike Trout of the Los Angeles Angels during the offseason.

He markets himself on the website, explaining that just like retail or food service, online is just easier for people to pick their exercise preferences.

“Let’s face it: Mobile apps are the new business cards. Nobody carries anything around except for their cellphone. You pay for things on your phone and communicate with people, so why not have access to great people and training via the phone as well?” said Richter, of Millville.

Richter said the site helps people find specific types of trainers.

“For example, I have specific knowledge of training for baseball performance so it will help direct people in need of those types of services versus just asking a general fitness trainer for that type of training,” he said.

Carrie Merritt runs TLC Performance in Ocean City. She said she has been working with Terry and Kohanski since the inception of and she expects great things for the founders and their new website.

“The personal-training field is pounding the pavement to get your name out there, and this is a tool and resource where they give you a platform to look abundantly professional both locally and nationally,” Merritt said.

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