When it comes to games, little kids are pretty easy to please. Tweens and teens, though, are a different story. Getting them to participate in game night can be a real challenge. Here are games specifically aimed at kids 10 and older - and that hit that mark quite nicely.

•Snake Oil (Out of the Box games) - The goal of this game is to get some unsuspecting sucker to buy something he or she doesn't need. The game is elegantly simple. One player randomly picks a one-word Customer Card - anything from gangsters and fratboys to witches and ampu-tees. Each of the other players gets six Word Cards and picks two to create a "product" to sell to the Customer. The bizarre word combinations (you could end up with a "noise nose," an "ear button," a "spit book" or any of a few thousand others) and the ridiculous sales pitches are what make Snake Oil so entertaining. Players have 30 seconds to make their pitch. The Customer awards the Custom-er Card to the winner. Most Customer Cards wins. 3 to 10 players, ages 10 and up. Takes five minutes to learn and 20 to 30 play. $19.95.

•Anger Management (End-less Games) - The goal is pretty simple: Move up your Rage-O-Meter from "perfectly calm" to "absolutely steamed." The player who's most likely to throw a tantrum if he or she doesn't go first starts by spinning the Out of Control spinner. That player then draws a card from the category the spinner landed on and reads it to the group. The players whose answers match the majority move up a notch on their Rage-O-Meter. For example, if the category is "Least Favorite chocolate covered food," and most people say "donuts," those players win the round. First one to Absolutely Steamed wins. 3 to 6 players (odd numbers are best since you need a majority), ages 14 and up. $29.95.


•Furt (Wiggity Bang!) - Well this is the most complicated, it might be the most fun, in part because there really aren't any rules - you have to figure it out as you play. The only thing that's clear is players are racing to be the first into the mouth of a volcano. And the only way that happens is by completing tasks from one of six categories. Along the way, you'll have to reveal secrets (or tell bald-faced lies), act out random words, and keep a straight face while other players scream funny words at you. 3 to 8 players (the more the better), ages 13 and up. $29.95. (See wiggitybang.com/furt)

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