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If you're new to "Jersey Shore," it may be hard to believe. But there are more to relationships than just Sammi and Ronnie. In fact, there have been enough hookups amongst the housemates to make your ordinary afternoon sudser blush. So, here's a quick refresher course about "Jersey Shore's" close family relationships...

Mike - We all know the Situation likes the women. But he's found time for a couple of roommates so far, too. He made out with Snooki not once but twice during the first season, mostly harmless kissing while in the hot tub.

Then there's the Sammi situation. Before Ronnie entered the picture, Mike had the hots for Sweetheart. Early in the first season, they were even shown holding hands while walking along the Boardwalk. Of course, that nascent relationship was torpedoed once Sammi turned to Ronnie.

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Also: Bromance points for the pairing of Mike and Pauly, coincidentally, the only one who didn't want to throw Sitch under a bus during the first season.

Angelina - Nothing onscreen, although she and Pauly have copped to a fling while in California. Of course, she doesn't have the body of work the rest of the house has, and she did have a boyfriend while living in the house last season.

Vinny - Aside from a suggestive night spent cuddling with Snooki earlier this season, Vinny gets shut out. Unless you count his hanging with and hitting on Mike's sister last season. A sister, we were reminded, looked an awful lot like her older bro.

Jenni - Another housemate with a boyfriend, making Jenni among the more chaste of the "Shore" mates. ... Unless you count a few close encounters with Pauly in the opening episodes of the series. For all her posturing in the opening credits about eating men alive after sleeping with them, it's been much ado about nothing.

Ronnie - Until this season, he's been a one-woman man. Now he's a one-woman on each arm at all times, doesn't matter if they're the same women or not man. But as far as the house goes, it's Sammi or bust. I don't think the others would touch him with a 10-foot pole at this point, as much for incurring the wrath of Sammi as for seeing how he treats his women.

Snooki - Like Mike, a housemate who's hopped around a bit. She slobbered all over Mike at the beginning and end of season one, then talked a good game about hooking up with Vinny this season before both of them collapsed into alcohol-fueled stupors.

Sammi - We all know about Ron, ad nauseum. But we can forget about her Mike flirtation. It's something I can totally see being rekindled if the timing and circumstances are right. But I'm guessing she won't risk getting burned again. I'd hope not, anyway.

Pauly - Pauly's such a nice guy, it's almost hard to believe he's in the Two Housemate Club with Mike and Snooki. Almost. I mean, we've all seen him with Situation, getting his groove on with anything that moves, even the occassional grenade. Could he branch out and snare Snooki or Sammi? I wouldn't bet against it.

So, there you have it, you're handy little "Jersey Shore" relationship crib sheet. I could go on, revisiting outside hookups. But while the online world is vast, I'm not sure it's big enough to chronicle all of that. What is your favorite "JS" hook up? What coupling would you pay to see happen? And if someone eventually ended up with every roommate of the opposite sex, would that be the equivalent of the Grand Slam? Discuss amongst yourselves, then return tomorrow for two questions heading into Thursday's episode.

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