With the exception of two, albeit priceless, quotes last week - "Now, lookit. Like one big dysfunctional family" observed at the group dinner, and "She's wearin' her luggage from last year," about Angelina - DJ Pauly D was M.I.A. in MIA. Guess he needed a break after exploding at Ang a while back.

It got me to thinking about how there's something missing when Pauly's not in the center of the action. No, he's neither as flamboyantly creepy as Mike, nor as disturbingly creepy as Ronnie. He occupies a comfortable middle ground, like the really fun cousin you party with but wouldn't want to be in the morning.

(In fact, the only real creepy thing about him is being on the other side of 30. Which, in MTV reality years, is like being a septuagenarian.)

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Thank god he often has a lot to say. Angelina may very well have diarrhea of the mouth, as Ronnie insisted Thursday night. But Pauly's not far behind. It's just that everyone likes him, so his mouth doesn't get him into nearly the trouble it would someone else. Of course, it doesn't hurt that in a house of oversized egos, bust sizes and hair styles, he falls in the middle of the pack.

So on this day of rest, we salute a few of Pauly's best and brightest insights on "Jersey Shore," and look forward to a new episode that will have much more of him in it.

HE'S A DJ NOT A DOCTOR, DAMMIT: "I don't know too much about it. But I heard you can catch it just from the air." - Season one, episode two, about Vinny getting pink eye

AIN'T NO PARTY LIKE A PAULY D PARTY: "The party is in Pauly D's pants tonight." - Before the lovin' between he and Jenni stops cold. Season one, episode two

DON'T LET THE DOOR HITCHA ON THE WAY OUT: "Angelina wanted us to beg her to stay, but I don't think anyone's going to do that." - Season one, episode three

GOOD HAIR HALL OF FAME NO. 1: "My hair didn't move an inch, and I was in and out of the water. My hair is windproof, waterproof, socketproof, motorcycle proof. I'm not sure if my hair is bulletproof ... not willing to try that." - Pauly. Season one, episode five

FRIENDS FOREVER (XOXO): "We stayed boys throughout this whole thing. This bond that we share brings us together and no one can ever take that away from us ever, like, we take that bond with us forever. (Beat) That was deep." - Season one, episode nine.

SERVICE TO COUNTRY: "We're promoting a grenade-free America." - Season two, episode two.

GOOD HAIR HALL OF FAME NO. 2: "My boss seems to think that my hair is gonna fall off and go into the ice cream. This hair ain't movin' my dude. One-hundred fifty miles an hour on the highway on a street bike, doesn't move. What makes you think it's gonna move in a gelato shop?" - Season two, episode two

NOW THAT'S SAYIN' SOMETHIN': "I've seen drunk people before, but that was like bipolar. I've never seen that before. That's a ... I think that's a problem." - about Angelina. Season two, episode three.


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