My brain is still melting from this week's episode. It's a fizzy popping sound, not much different than gargling Pop Rocks with a Mountain Dew chaser. But that doesn't mean we can avoid the weekly poll. This week's question: What character have we not seen enough of?

My vote is for Mike. As I've said before, Situation seems a bit too tame, like he's lying in wait for some of the more obvious drama to boil off before swooping in to dominate the house. Maybe I'm wrong, but the teaser for next week seems to indicate he'll be getting some girly action Thursday night.

Of course, the teaser last week led you to believe we'd get a smorgasbord of Snooki goodness last week, and we all know what we got instead. ... Damn you, promotional departments.

Anyway, here's the poll. Vote often, and share your thoughts in the comments. Back with more tomorrow, with a focus on everyone's favorite DJ. ...