Follow Jolie's leg

Angelina Jolie's leg has spawned its own Twitter account, and it's an instant hit.

The Twitter feed dubbed "Angie's Right Leg" has more than 12,000 followers by midday Monday.

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Most of what Jolie's leg has to say is fairly simple-minded. Sample tweets include "I'm a leg!" and "Look at the leg!"

At the Oscars, Jolie's glamorous black dress featured a split by her right leg. She appeared to accentuate it while presenting the award for best adapted screenplay.

One of the winners of that category, "The Descendants" co-writer Jim Rash, mocked the pose while accepting his award.

Potter e-books coming to libraries

Harry Potter e-books are coming to schools and libraries, at a date to be determined.

OverDrive Inc., a leading distributor for the school and library markets, announced Monday that it has reached an agreement with J.K. Rowling's Pottermore website to make downloads of the seven Potter books available for students and library patrons. The mega-selling series will be available to more than 18,000 schools and libraries, in more than 20 languages.

Rowling had resisted the electronic format until last year, when she announced that Potter e-books would be sold through her newly-created Pottermore site. The digital editions were supposed to go on sale last fall, but the site is still under construction and their release has been delayed indefinitely.

Hulu series

Hulu is burrowing into the TV network act with its first original scripted series, "Battleground," which premiered earlier this month at

A behind-the-scenes look at the campaigners for a Wisconsin seat in the Senate, we watch - from a semi-documentary view - as the staff finesses and exercises damage control for the candidate - who may, or may not, be a lesbian. The cast is led by Jay Hayden, as the resolute leader of the crew, along with Teri Reeves, Jack DeSena and Ben Samuel. The whole thing is orchestrated by JD Walsh, Hagai Shaham and Marc Webb.

Walsh thinks that most shows that explore this subject do it wrong. "They do the kind of young, up-and-comer congresswoman who wants to get the bill across and help immigrants. And that's awesome in the real world, but it's slightly boring on television. And so we wanted to build a show that was just solely about how campaigns work. And I think that the trick was, we decided to make the candidate less important. So each season will be a different candidate. The team will stay the same, but the candidate will change."

On TV tonight

"The Amish: American Experience" is a compelling installment of the documentary series that offers unprecedented access to the insular religious community. Members discuss their lifestyles, their faith and culture while being heard, but not seen because the Amish avoid being photographed. 8 p.m., WHYY-TV12.

We're bummed out. It's only the end of February and "Parenthood" is done. In the Season 3 finale of this fantastic family drama, Julia and Joel (Erika Christensen, Sam Jaeger) try to recover from the stress of adoption, and Sarah makes a big decision about her future. 10 p.m., WCAU-TV10.

Weekend box office

Estimated ticket sales for Friday through Sunday at U.S. and Canadian theaters, according to

1. "Act of Valor," $24.7 million.

2. "Tyler Perry's Good Deeds," $16 million.

3. "Journey 2: The Mysterious Island," $13.5 million.

4. "Safe House," $11.4 million.

5. "The Vow," $10 million.

6. "Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance," $8.8 million.

7. "This Means War," $8.5 million.

8. "Wanderlust," $6.6 million.

9. "Gone," $5 million.

10. "The Secret World of Arrietty," $4.5 million.

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