Sally DePamphilis, of Linwood, has been making her Girl Scout chocolate mint cookies that she submitted for The Press' "12 Days of Cookies" contest for at least the past 25 years. Her father, Bill McCardell, who lives in Florida, and husband, Rick, like them more than any other cookie she creates.

"I used to make three or four boxes of the crackers at a time and put them in the big Johnson's popcorn bucket and store them. This is what I would do at Christmastime. I would melt the red chocolate wafers, then get a fork and drizzle the red on it and get the green and melt that and drizzle the green on it," DePamphilis said. "I had four children. We always made chocolate chip cookies. We made pizzelle. This is one of the cookies we would make for the holidays."

While a student at Mainland Regional High School in Linwood, DePamphilis received the recipe from a girlfriend, Maria Moss, who is now the director of the Linwood Public Library. DePamphilis' said her husband would eat buckets full of them. A lot of the cookies can be made in a short period of time, DePamphilis said.

"The recipe is so easy and tastes exactly like the Girl Scout mint cookies," DePamphilis said.

Vincent Jackson

Girl Scout Chocolate Mint Cookie


•2 bags of 14-ounce milk

•chocolate candy wafers

•12 drops of oil of peppermint

•1 box of Ritz round crackers


Melt chocolate in crock pot.

Stir in oil of peppermint.

Dip the crackers in the chocolate with a fork. Shake off excess chocolate, let it drip off.

Lay chocolate-covered cracker on wax paper.

Let it dry and eat.

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