Dear Franny the Shopaholic: Please find an inexpensive ottoman for my Mom who is in a nursing home with swollen ankles. - Donna K., Howell

Dear Donna: Christmas Tree Shops has a storage ottoman fin faux leather or microfiber or $29.99. There is a store near you in Brick Township.

Dear Franny the Shopaholic: Please help me find a small, white electric fireplace for less than $500. Big Lots and Home Depot only have black or brown. I really would appreciate it. - Terri

Dear Terri: I found one made by Hampton Bay at Home Depot online for $299.99. I emailed it to you.

Dear Franny the Shopaholic: I am looking for the following item and would appreciate if you can find it - Blackburn's peach jelly. I used to get it at the Wonder Bread outlet store, but that has recently closed. - Shelia

Dear Shelia: You can purchase Blackbum's peach jelly for $1.59 at or by calling 800-657-5073. I am sure if our readers see it locally they will email me.

Dear Franny the Shopaholic: I went to a house show last year at the Philadelphia Convention Center and bought a spice packet that you add sour cream and mayo to and it made a great guacamole dip. Because of health reasons, I can't get to the show this year. Can you find me those packets? The name had "spice" in it. - Amanda

Dear Amanda: A Spice Above is a company that is at that show. They have exactly what you are describing. The dip is called Gringo Guacamole. They are $5 a packet, but if you order five use the code 5dips and save $5. If you order 10 use the code 10dips and save $15. Visit

Steals of the week


•Eye round roast: $2.99 per pound.

•Cantaloupes: 99 cents.

•Extra laundry detergent: $1.88 for 75 ounces.


•Bananas: 49 cents per pound.

•Entenmann's full line: Half price.

•Tilapia filet: $4.99 per pound.


•Yoplait yogurt: 50 cents

•Breyer's ice cream 48-ounce: $2.50.

•Sylvania soft white four-pack light bulbs: 88 cents.


•Mrs. Paul's full line: Half price.

•Fresh salmon filets: $6.99 per pound.

•Buy one six-pack of Thomas English Muffins: $1.99 and get two free.


•Get a 36-inch metal bunny for your yard at Big Lots for $10.

•Damask tablecloths, in all sizes, and a pack of four napkins range in price from $4.99 up to $10.99 at Christmas Tree Shops.

•Element 40 LCD HDTV 1080p is $289.99 at Target.

•Sony 16mp digital camera is $89.99 at hhgregg.

•10- by 10-foot gazebo, with netting, is $99.99 at Big Lots.

•Physicians Formula cosmetics are 40 percent off at Rite Aid.

•At CVS, buy a Long Distance International $25 or $30 calling card and get a $25 or $30 phone calling card free.

•Photo boxes are half price for $1.99 at Michaels.

•Three-piece set of luggage by Southfield is $39.99 at Sears.

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