Surf City's Klose  keeps in the swim training in pool and weight room

Sandra Klose, of Surf City, goes through her workout routine at the St. Francis Community Aquatic Center in the Brant Beach section of Long Beach Island.

Sandra Klose injured her shoulder skiing eight years ago.

Following arthroscopic surgery, she began a rehabilitation program that eventually included swimming. The former Temple University swimmer has increased her pool time over the years to an hour per day six days per week. Klose also has worked with trainer Joe Perrine two days per week since 2007.

Klose, a mother of three grown children, has plenty of time to work out since she retired as an English teacher from the Neshaminy School District in Langhorne, Pa., in 2003.

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Despite her ski injury, Klose and her husband, John, take ski vacations in February. Her favorite place to ski is Bretton Woods in New Hampshire.

Question: How much does your trainer have to do with your success?

Answer: I work with Joe Perrine, personal trainer, twice a week. I've been in his class for about four years, and it has helped me tremendously. I notice an increase in strength and agility. I am able to swim faster and for longer since starting in his class.

Question: Do you ever think about skipping a workout?

Answer: I try not to skip any workouts, even if I'm on vacation. I pack stretch bands

Question: Can you describe a typical workout?

Answer: For the hourlong swims I mix freestyle, backstroke, arms only, and then legs only. In Joe's class, a typical workout would be stretching, then strength training using free weights and leg weights about 45 minutes per session.

Question: What are your favorite parts of working out?

Answer: I love the way I feel when I break a sweat, and one can do that in a pool.

Question: And your least-favorite parts?

Answer: I really have no least favorite part. Maybe packing and unpacking my weights.

Question: How long will you keep doing this?

Answer: I will keep doing this as long as I am able.

Question: Which is better - working out on your own or with a group?

Answer: I'm on my own when swimming, but I do enjoy working out in the group class.

Question: How do you balance your workouts with your job and family life?

Answer: Before I retired, almost eight years ago, I would jog early in the morning or do a Tae-Bo tape. I have continued that routine by swimming about 6:30 a.m., when the pool opens, followed by the gym class. I just schedule family affairs after the workouts.

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Sandra Klose

Hometown: Surf City

Age: 62

Frequency: Swim six days per week; strength and stretch classes twice per week; uses a balance ball, free weights, leg weights; a little Pilates and yoga for variety.

Gym: St. Francis Community Center pool, gym in Brant Beach

Quote about working out: "I firmly believe exercise deters any number of age-related physical, mental and spiritual problems."

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