Telling on himself

Police say an Albuquerque man fed up with his bank went to the extreme when he broke out the bank's windows and then called police on himself. Police said the man told police Bank of America had "sold him out" and he became enraged. He called police to arrest him because he didn't want to keep breaking windows.

Roadside warning

There was some monkey business involved when a roadside sign warned drivers of a gorilla on the loose. Police say someone hacked the electronic roadside sign to enter the message about the gorilla and another urging drivers to smoke marijuana. Authorities said the hacker had to bypass some systems to change the roadside message.

Voter enthusiasm dampened

Not one voter cast a ballot in one Minneapolis precinct on Election Day. That's because the only living species in Ward 10, Precinct 3B, is of the aquatic variety. A newly redistricted precinct map shows 3B is located entirely in the eastern half of Lake Calhoun. The underwater precinct was created due to a computer error.