Oh dear God, what have we done?

As an Eagles fan, I left the newsroom Tuesday evening convinced owner Jeffrey Lurie had done the right thing by firing Coach Chip Kelly.

I high-fived the copy desk chief on the way out. I unwittingly scared my poor mother with a late night call, “Get Dad on the phone!” (7 p.m. is late for them.)

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I equally confused my mother-in-law when I called her, because I never call her, to talk to her husband. No. The kids are fine. I just want to talk football.

Then I saw the reaction from Eagles fans on Facebook, on Twitter, on television. The Press’ Facebook page had 44 comments on whether the Eagles made the right move.

The closest to a Kelly supporter was “I liked him for the Eagles … However, I am a Redskins fan.”

And I came to this realization: Anytime this many Philadelphia sports fans agree on something, we must be wrong.

I’ve grown more cynical over the years, definitely in life but especially in sports, as my hopes have been stomped on. For example:

  • The 1993 World Series, which shook a 15-year-old boy’s belief in destiny.
  • The 2001 NBA finals, when I thought a gritty underdog could topple a dynasty with guts and a 6-foot-tall guard.
  • Every time the Flyers lost in the playoffs to a team bearing the name of the devil himself.

My cynicism has spread.

I no longer trust my teams to do anything but lose. I left the house and went for a drive (true story) when the Eagles were beating the Patriots in the fourth quarter.

Why? Because of course they would blow it. (Of course they almost did.)

So was Chip Kelly really the problem? He gave me hope. He was creative.

He had me at hello.

And three years later, I was so excited he left town that I called my mother-in-law.

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