BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL: A grieving Eric found his own way to spend Christmas without Stephanie, but things didn't turn out as intended. Hope was confident Liam would want to reunite with her now that he knows the real reason they're apart, but when Steffy learned about Rick's confession, she warned Hope to back off Liam. Hope issued a challenge to Liam whether knowing the truth changes things between them. Furious that Caroline exposed his manipulations to Hope, Bill threatened to make her pay for what she did. Witnessing her husband's out-of-control behavior, Katie began to wonder if Bill's drinking is impairing his judgment. Coming: Liam is on the spot again.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Questioned by Sami about his distant behavior at Christmas, Rafe revealed he saw her share a close moment with EJ. When Sami admitted to having mixed feelings, a fed-up Rafe told her they're through. Sami accepted EJ's invitation for New Year's Eve, while Rafe and Nicole, each without a significant other, decided to ring in the new year together. Tired of covering up Brady and Kristen's affair, Marlena sent John to talk to Brady. John was stunned when he arrived at Brady's office and found him and Kristen making love. When Kate hesitated about hiring Nick, Will spoke up on his behalf. Gabi continued to maintain that she had slept with Nick soon after they met, and Eric agreed to marry them in church. Coming: John has tough questions for Kristen.

EMILY OWENS, M.D.: In a rebroadcast of the series premiere, medical school graduate Emily Owens was eager to shed her geeky high school image. She soon discovered Denver Memorial Hospital was painfully similar to high school, faced with her teenage nemesis Cassandra and medical school crush Will. Emily's first day at work led her to trouble with her attending physician and the nurses. Fellow intern Tyra claimed Emily as a friend, immediately confiding she's gay, but hasn't told her father, the chief of surgery. Resident Dr. Micah Barnes faced serious medical issues in his own family. Coming: New episodes are expected to resume in the new year.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Dante and Lulu learned Maxie called Spinelli, rather than them, when she had a medical problem. Ellie told Spinelli she broke up with him because he put Maxie first, prompting Spinelli to propose a deal. Maxie later found out she was the reason for Ellie's actions. Kristina told Alexis she's moving with Trey to California. Connie overtook Starr, who tried to call the police regarding her abduction of Johnny. When Starr was later found, Michael brought her to the hospital, while the police searched for Connie, who was driving down the road at high speed. Continuing to play Tracy against A.J., Lucy left them with an offer. Sabrina fantasized about spending a romantic New Year's Eve with Patrick. Coming: Connie's rash behavior places lives at stake.

NASHVILLE: In a rebroadcast, Rayna and Teddy's relationship was tested when she performed with Deacon at her husband's campaign fundraiser, while Peggy, a woman from Teddy's past with a secret that could ruin him, showed up needing his help. Hoping to move past the threat to her career resulting from the damaging video of her being caught shoplifting, Juliette agreed to appear on a national morning talk show, but walked off the set in the middle of the interview. Gunnar made a romantic connection with Hailey, his publisher's assistant. Teddy and Coleman agreed to take the high ground in their rivalry, which didn't last very long. Coming: New episodes of "Nashville" resume in January.

VAMPIRE DIARIES: In a rebroadcast, vampire hunter Connor tried to enlist Jeremy into helping him uncover the secrets of Mystic Falls. Damon and Klaus' questioning of Connor led to blood and death. Matt and Caroline offered support to Elena as she tried to act normal in school. However, Rebekah's arrival made it impossible for Elena to control her anger, and she quickly learned how dangerous opposing Rebekah could be. Stefan tried to show Elena she can still have fun by taking her on a thrilling motorcycle ride. Tyler got an unexpected visit from Hayley, a werewolf who had helped him to break his sire-bond to Klaus. Coming: "Vampire Diaries" returns with new episodes in mid-January.

YOUNG AND RESTLESS: Victor gave Adam a bottle of tequila and Jack's pills to use against Abbott, reminding Adam he can easily throw him and Sharon in jail. Jack later confronted Victor and said he knows all about his scheme with Adam. When Kyle found Jack asleep next to an empty liquor bottle, he teamed up with Billy, Phyllis and Neil to plan an intervention. Cane observed Tyler's behavior at dinner and told Lily that Tyler has a crush on her, but Lily assured Cane he has nothing to worry about. After making love to Avery, Nick found military dog tags with a man's name on them at her apartment. Avery looked at the tags and thought about her past marriage. Michael insisted Jamie come home with him after seeing cuts and bruises on the teen's face. Coming: Chloe is eager for the chance to score some easy cash.