Christmas has ended, and that means an end to a weekend of possible over indulgence and maybe a few too many glasses of eggnog.

The holidays can make the virtue of patience and portion control even tougher to attain, so sometimes you need help with a third trip to the dinner table. Ham: Give us strength.

But with the New Year less than a week away, many Americans will try and attempt the typical weight loss resolution.

In fact, according to a recent survey from the University of Scranton’s Journal of Clinical Psychology, weight loss makes up 38 percent of New Year’s resolutions. However, only 8 percent of people execute those resolutions.

So, following a weekend of food and drinks, local trainers and fitness managers want to help you get a head start on that goal with everyday exercises to put you back on track.

Air Squats:

What our trainer said: “The good thing with this workout is that it can be used as a baseline fitness test to gauge for more complex exercises. These [along with pushups] should be mastered before trying anything more difficult,” said Joe LaCerra, general manager of Tilton Fitness and Wellness of Mays Landing.

Muscles targeted: Quadriceps, glutes and hamstrings.

Rep: 10 reps each for three sets.

Keep feet shoulder width apart. Sit back with your hips. Dip down to full depth and power through your legs to stand back up. Keep head and chest up and knees out. That completes one rep.

Conventional Burpee:

What our trainer said: “That right there incorporates many groups of muscles with just body weight — teaching the muscles to work in unison,” said Jason Dobson, FITx training director at Island Gym in Egg Harbor Township.

Muscles targeted: Arms, chest, glutes, hamstring and abdomen.

Rep: 10 reps each for three sets.

Drop to the floor, into a high plank position. Jump your legs forward, landing in a squat position. Start standing, and reach for the sky. Once you extend completely, start again. That was one rep.

Straight leg crunches:

What our trainer said: “Just to get yourself going, set a goal and watch a TV show. During that show, you know you’re going to do your exercise — push your body to a different level,” said Chris Lambert, owner of Atilis Gyms in South Jersey.

Muscles targeted: Abdomens, external obliques and hip flexors.

Rep: 10 reps each for five sets.

Lie with the back on the floor and keeping your legs elevated six inches off the ground throughout the entire workout. Bring your toes to your chest like a typical crunch.

Traditional push-ups:

What our trainer said: “I would do two main exercises: squats and push-ups. They’ll work large amounts of muscle groups at the same time and it will give your body more calories burned over the long term,” LaCerra said.

Muscles targeted: Pectorals, triceps, deltoids and midsections.

Reps: 10 reps each for five sets.

Get into a high plank position. Place hands firmly on the ground, directly under shoulders. Lower your body — keeping back flat and eyes focused on a forward point, with a neutral neck — until your chest grazes the floor. Then, in a controlled way, push yourself back up. That is one rep.

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