The Rev. Edward Namiotka was inspired to write the song, ‘Mom,’ after visiting with his mother, Catherine Namiotka.

As the pastor of St. Joseph's Roman Catholic Church in Somers Point, the Rev. Edward Namiotka spends a great deal of time contemplating what God wants us to do.

Last year, time Namiotka spent thinking about his mother and his sister led to him writing lyrics and a simple melody for a song called "Mom." Now that song is featured in a video that can be seen on YouTube and is a single available for purchase on iTunes for Mother's Day.

During a day off, Namiotka was spending time with his mother, Catherine Namiotka, when his sister, Cathy, arrived with her youngest son.

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"He was cranky after just getting up from a nap, and I watched as Cathy held him, tried to cheer him up and simply gave him her time and attention. The moment was priceless as I looked at the young mom take care of her 2-year-old son and the slightly older mom spent her time with me, her 52-year-old son," said Namiotka.

On the way back home, Namiotka thought about the experience.

"I wanted somehow to capture this moment. A song began to come to my mind while driving in my car with a simple melody and lyrics that I thought just about anyone could sing - especially with a young child. When I arrived (home), I put my words to paper and sang the basic tune into (a recording app on) my smart phone," Namiotka said.

Namiotka reached out to his friend, Julie Linn of Vineland, to finish the song. Scott Armato added the piano accompaniment and harmonies. It is not the first song written by Namiotka and Linn, but it is the first that made it through the production phase and is available for purchase.

"Father is a very good lyricist. That's his strength," said Linn, who came up with the idea of adding children's voices to the song.

Twenty-eight children from five schools sing on "Mom." They are called the Pure Jerzy Kidz. The schools are: Edgarton Christian Academy in Newfield, Main Road School in Franklinville; Dr. J.P. Cleary Elementary School in Buena; Joy D. Miller School in Egg Harbor Township; and St. Joseph's Regional School in Somers Point.

Ted Pugliese, St. Joseph's principal, is happy some of the video was shot at his school and some of his students are in the video and sing on the song.

"It's a great experience for all of them, especially if they haven't sung before, never been in a recording studio or never been in a music video. It's a great educational opportunity for them. It's a great musical opportunity for them. It's a great life experience for them," Pugliese said. "It's a wonderful project. I've shared the link on the school Web page."

Namiotka said he became emotional when he heard the final version of the song for the first time because the children's voices are so pure, innocent and beautiful.

"The song is meant to honor all moms and to accentuate the beauty of motherhood," said Namiotka, who added all the lines in the song have meaning to him.

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