BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL: As Liam continued to be enigmatic over whether he will leave Steffy in favor of Hope, Taylor argued with Brooke over Liam's choices, but kept silent about Steffy's pregnancy. Marcus was thrilled when his adoptive brother, Carter, arrived in town. Bill was torn over his feelings for Katie and Brooke. When Thomas decided to work for Forrester in Paris, Eric came up with a plan to keep him in L.A. Coming: Taylor's growing closeness with Eric doesn't go unnoticed.

BUNHEADS: Michelle's older brother, Scotty, paid her an unexpected visit after his latest marriage went on the rocks. Melanie's newfound interest in roller derby left Ginny feeling abandoned. Boo and Carl's relationship was tested when they were overwhelmed with child-care duties. Coming: Longtime friendships are strained.

THE CARRIE DIARIES: Forbidden by Tom to see Sebastian again, Carrie uncovered alarming information about Sebastian's past in her father's work files and confronted him, but was shocked by Sebastian's reaction. Maggie took her usual self-destructive path to get over her breakup with Walt. Carrie and her friends were left feeling self-conscious after Larissa brought them to an outrageous performance art club. Coming: Carrie makes a decision about Sebastian.

Latest Video

DALLAS: A revelation exposed in Christopher's divorce battle with Pamela Rebecca united the family, except for John Ross, who used JR's tricks against Christopher and Elena's control of Ewing Energies. Pamela Rebecca teamed up with John Ross in a scheme to fulfill her father, Cliff Barnes', desire for revenge. When Ann was blackmailed by her ex-husband, Harris Ryland, his mother, Judith, proved to be just as evil as her son. Coming: Christopher fights back.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Jen arrived at Daniel's apartment to find a scantily clad Chloe. Shaken, Jen arranged for a romantic out of town getaway, but Chloe phoned with a crisis. Rafe blasted Sami for her verbal attacks on Gabi, which drove Sami closer to E.J. Brady confronted Kristen about the torn up note, but she became angry at his mistrust, and Brady apologized. Will almost caught Nick plotting against him. Billie left Salem. Coming: Rafe could lose Sami for good.

EMILY OWENS, M.D.: Assigned to triage in the ER following a bus crash, Emily had to do an emergency procedure on a heroic Marine. Tyra had a breakthrough with her father when they worked on a C-section together. Cassandra questioned Will's true feelings for Emily. Micah finally made a bold decision regarding his personal life. Coming: On the series finale, Emily is at a crossroads.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Kris-tina was arrested for trashing Connie's possessions and tossed in jail. A.J. and Michael faced Tracy with proof that she used mob money to finance ELQ, and offered her a deal. Thinking they now were in control, A.J. and Michael were rocked by a damaging story in the Sun. Patrick wanted nothing to do with Britt after Emma went missing under her care. Ellie confronted Maxie. Lucy's estranged husband, Kevin Collins, arrived in Port Charles. Coming: Britt presents her demands to Maxie.

THE LYING GAME: Additional information about what happened on the night Sutton's car went into the lake raised Emma's suspicions about her sister's truthfulness. Rebecca ordered Sutton to use an event honoring Ted as an opportunity to advance their agenda concerning the Mercer family. Emma took romantic advice from Laurel. Rebecca and Alec faced off in a battle of wits. Coming: Who will emerge as the master manipulator?

90210: Annie experienced an alternate reality about what her life would have been like if she stayed in Kansas, which included being engaged to her high school boyfriend. In the alternate world, Dixon is a successful but unhappy hip-hop artist, Adrianna is a washed-up actress, Naomi is a real estate agent, and Teddy hides his sexual orientation. Coming: Annie's fantasy leads her to real-life choices.

PRETTY LITTLE LIARS: Emily learned more about what Ali may have been hiding during the summer before her murder. Aria was guilt-ridden over not telling Ezra about his son, but feared what the truth might do to their relationship. Hanna was determined to find out the secret she's sure Caleb has been keeping from her. And Spencer decided she no longer wanted to play these dangerous games. Coming: "A" isn't about to let go of anyone's strings.

SWITCHED AT BIRTH: As a way to give Bay the opportunity to meet the mother of her unborn half-sister, Toby invited Lana to dinner at the Kennish house, but the situation made everyone uncomfortable. Daphne reached out to Travis and tried to help with his problems at home. Coming: Angelo isn't able to have it all.

VAMPIRE DIARIES: Klaus asked Stefan for help after Rebekah turned down his plea to stop Kol and protect Jeremy. Following an angry confrontation with her father, the mayor, Bonnie had a frightening run-in with Kol. Klaus revealed a bit of Stefan's private life, and surprised Damon by asking for advice. Stefan sweetly made up to Rebekah for the cancellation of the school dance. Coming: Stefan finds himself moving in an unexpected direction.

YOUNG AND RESTLESS: While Kevin told Chloe they can use the stolen money to pay off their loan, Adriana found out where they lived and retrieved the bag of cash. Dylan used a fake name to introduce himself to Nick, who hired him. Later, Dylan saw Nick and Avery kissing. Adam engaged in a heated argument with Victor and asked for Sharon's help in his battle to win. Nikki told Victor they need to postpone the wedding. Coming: Leslie and Tyler fear being recognized with Wheeler in town.

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