BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL: After firing an important Forrester Creations team member, Ridge attempted to unseat Rick as president so he could take over the position. Eric surprised everyone by putting Brooke and Ridge together as workmates, prompting Katie to accuse Brooke of manipulation, while Brooke wondered if Eric has a hidden motive. Quinn overheard Brooke make a big admission to Bill. Maya was uneasy when she witnessed an intimate moment between Oliver and Aly, who was on her first date. Coming: Tensions remain high between Ridge and Rick.

DALLAS: With Bobby appointed railroad commissioner, John Ross was willing to betray the ones who love him most in order to get funds for the Arctic lease deal. Elena and Nicolas schemed to divide John Ross from his allies and move in for victory. Christopher and Heather's relationship became complicated. Ryland's plot to keep John Ross away from his headstrong daughter, Emma, took an unexpected turn. Coming: The surprise return of a family member draws mixed reactions.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: As things heated up between Nick and Gabi, someone was about to discover them. Theresa offered drugs to a vulnerable Brady. Nicole had to think fast when Liam caught her trying to get rid of Chyka's evidence. Liam later broke into Jennifer's house and set up Daniel to look bad in Jen's eyes. Eric delivered the shattering news to Nicole that he can't marry her. Marlena asked EJ and Sami for help, but Sami's past might stand in the way. Ben was smitten when he met Abigail for the first time. Coming: Jen and Daniel's relationship hits another obstacle.

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GENERAL HOSPITAL: Now that Carly knows who shot AJ, Sonny came clean with her and she considered keeping his secret from Michael. As Obrecht plotted her next move, Britt was torn over her mother's scheme regarding Ben. Nathan, Sam and Silas were forced to work together. Ava was caught in the middle as several disturbing twists were revealed in the Nakamura case. Luke met with Julian and laid out a scenario that could destroy Sonny. Nikolas was relieved that Ric didn't spend the night with Elizabeth. Coming: Jordan's past could badly impact her new job.

NASHVILLE: Maddie's news went viral and spawned a flood of media attention, prompting Rayna to exert control over the situation by speaking candidly on a national morning news show. Facing a sea of empty seats on her tour, Juliette swallowed her pride and asked Charlie Wentworth for a favor. Scarlett's mother, Beverly, surprised her daughter in San Francisco, with disastrous results. Coming: Scarlett is left more damaged than ever.

ONCE UPON A TIME: Neal found himself back in Storybrooke and sought a way to reconnect with Henry, who no longer remembers his father. Regina discovered a possible tie to Robin Hood. Belle remained steadfast in her belief that Rumple could still be alive, and received welcome help. Coming: An ugly history between Regina and the Wicked Witch is revealed.

THE ORIGINALS: On a rebroadcast, Rebekah found herself locked in the sanitarium where she worked in 1919 and realized that a witch named Genevieve has come back for revenge. Elijah asked Marcel and Hayley for help when one of his decisions endangered Klaus and Rebekah's lives. Marcel held information that could locate Rebekah and Klaus, but he knew that revealing it would have deadly consequences. Coming: Rebekah's departure changes the course of Marcel's existence.

REIGN: On a rebroadcast, Clarissa kidnapped the younger children of King Henry and Queen Catherine. The Queen enlisted Mary and Bash to help find her sons, but their discovery proved to be tragic. When Lola attempted to help her brother get rid of a debt he owes, Francis rescued her, bringing the two of them closer. Coming: The King's madness threatens the entire realm.

REVENGE: With her divorce from Daniel a reality, Emily used her newly single status to unravel a mystery from the past. Pascal attempted to make up for lost time with Victoria. The winners and losers were not all at gaming tables when Victoria crashed Casino Night and drama ensued. Coming: Can Jack accept the shocking revelation about a long-lost relation?

STAR-CROSSED: Following the incident with his mother, Grayson sought comfort from a guilt-ridden Emery, who opted to put her relationship with Roman on hold in order to support Grayson. When Zoe set a trap for Taylor using black cyber, Lukas was affected by the deadly poison and hovered near death. Roman and Drake worked against time to find a cure. Eva grew closer to the truth about Julia's recovery. Coming: Roman is aware of Emery's growing bond with Grayson.

TWISTED: On the season finale, the triangle between Jo, Danny and Charlie exploded in open conflict. Kyle's investigation brought out a series of contradictory confessions, with potentially deadly consequences. Karen and Tess discovered a piece of evidence carrying major implications for the Masterson family. When Whitney's mother arrived to take her daughter back to the city, Gretchen's candor about Whitney's past caused Lacey to question her friend. Coming: Due to disappointing ratings, it's unlikely "Twisted" will be renewed.

VAMPIRE DIARIES: On a rebroadcast, Caroline encouraged her friends to recover from recent traumas by going to the "Bitter Ball" for the brokenhearted. Dr. Wes attempted to continue his research with the help of Sloan, a new benefactor. Tyler began to worry about Matt's relationship with Nadia. Bent on revenge, Damon and Enzo used violence to convince Bonnie and Jeremy to help them, but their plan took a horrifying turn. Coming: The vampires face forbidding opposition from the Travelers.

YOUNG AND RESTLESS: Victor pressed Cane to figure out who set him up. When Neil and Hilary were stuck sharing a hotel room when their plane was grounded, they bonded. Later, Lily's hostility threatened to erupt when the now chummy Neil and Hilary offered ideas for the fashion show. Nick volunteered to help Sharon recover, which includes staying at the house. Stitch learned that his divorce is final and his wife plans to take his son away. Ian told Leslie he wants to cut a deal. Coming: Victoria and Billy remain very far apart.

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