Scopin' the Soaps: On 'Days of Our Lives,' Eric Brady returns to Salem -- and he's a priest

Tilky Montgomery Jones joins the cast of ‘Nashville’ in the recurring role of a philanthropic football player who goes on a staged date with Juliette (Hayden Panettiere).

BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL: Eric surprised Stephanie with an Irish-themed party in her honor before they headed to the Big Bear cabin on what could be their final trip together in light of Stephanie's imminent demise. Both feeling lonely and rejected, Bill comforted Brooke, who grieved after hearing of Stephanie's plan. After Taylor inadvertently gave Katie hope that her scheme is working, a disguised Katie visited familiar places but was recognized and followed by Taylor. Hope tried her best to be happy for her brother when Rick told her he's in love with Caroline. Meanwhile, Caroline received an unwanted pass from Thomas. Coming: Liam asks Steffy to begin a new phase of their lives together.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Nicole was unrepentant, refusing to apologize to Jennifer and expressing her hatred of her. However, Jen decided not to press charges, which moved Daniel to embrace her, then immediately back off. At rock bottom, Nicole was stunned to see Eric Brady back in Salem - and he's a priest! Kristin quit Countess Wilhelmina so EJ could become Sami's boss, but her price, which EJ accepted, was for him to make peace with Stefano. Despite Brady's distrust of Kristin, he came to her rescue when she was mugged, only to become the victim of a second assailant. Kristin called John about Brady but Marlena erased the call without ever hearing it. Coming: Daniel considers undergoing a risky procedure.

EMILY OWENS M.D.: Emily and Micah became frantic when they discovered their patient needs an immediate kidney transplant, but she refused to allow her new husband to be the donor. Emily assisted Drs. Hamada and Bandari with a risky surgery involving an unborn baby with a defective heart valve. Striving to win the job as Dr. Bandari's research assistant, Emily's goal was largely to keep Cassandra away from Will. Cassandra, Emily's rival for the job, was willing to play dirty in order to make sure she'd be the one with the prize. Coming: A big decision rearranges several doctors' status at the hospital.

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GENERAL HOSPITAL: A.J. Quartermaine, whose death had been faked several years earlier, made a shocking reappearance in Port Charles. Monica lashed out at Carly, prompting Carly to share the news about A.J. with Sonny. Robert Scorpio returned to town to protect Anna, having been warned about Duke's machinations by Luke. With Duke newly back from his trip to Switzerland, he and Anna grew closer and shared a kiss. Following Lulu and Dante's advice, Maxie revealed her love to Spinelli. Sabrina was mortified when Patrick overheard her discussing her crush on an attractive doctor. Coming: A.J. quickly racks up an enemies list.

GOSSIP GIRL: Eleanor delivered an ultimatum to her daughter, making Blair even more determined to fix Waldorf Designs' problems with a spectacular dress for the Cotillion, only to be affected by a shattering revelation. Distressed by Steven's attitude toward her, Serena sleuthed and discovered the surprising reason for his behavior. Chuck found an unlikely ally as he tried to drive a wedge between Bart and Lily's relationship to help expose his father's secret. When Dan published another article, the effect was exactly the opposite of what he had hoped for. Coming: Blair's relationship with her mother has lots of conditions.

NASHVILLE: Seeking a way to make her sound new and fresh, Rayna enlisted help from a big-time, successful music publisher, Liam McGuinnis. In order to rebuild her tarnished image, Juliette went out on a staged date with a wholesome NFL quarterback, but could she resist using her often wicked wiles? Scarlett's relationship with Avery became very rocky. Lamar's plan to delay Coleman with a police traffic stop en route to an important event for both mayoral candidates worked too well. Coming: Scarlett must make a difficult choice.

90210: Adrianna revealed to Annie that she and a recuperating Dixon are having difficulties with intimacy. As Annie and Colin grew closer, Riley suspected Colin isn't who he appears to be. Discovering a GPS tracking device had been installed in Naomi's phone, Colin set up the phone to display Alec's emails, exposing Alec's efforts to sabotage Max's relationships. Hoping to show Silver how successful he's become, Navid suspected she and Liam are secretly seeing each other. Meanwhile, when Lindsay and Liam discussed his business plan, their animosity led to passion. Coming: Navid's jealousy leads to a shocking payback.

ONCE UPON A TIME: Leroy discovered a treasure in the Storybrooke mine that could bring back Emma and Mary Margaret. Ruby's fears about turning into a werewolf were confirmed when she became the prime suspect for a murder committed during the full moon. Decker threatened to expose David as a shepherd, not a prince, and certainly not someone suitable of being the town's sheriff. Coming: Ruby needs to know if she committed a heinous crime.

REVENGE: As the persistent Mason Treadwell smelled deception and further investigated Emily's past, protecting her life's secrets became increasingly difficult for Emily. Kara's thin hold on reality began to unravel, and she sought to get back at the Graysons, whom Kara held responsible for all the heartaches in her life. Coming: Emily must outwit a determined opponent.

666 PARK AVENUE: Henry's elation over receiving a special commendation from the mayor was tempered by Jane's fear for her safety at the Drake. Jane and Nona discovered a life-changing secret in the building while searching for Nona's missing grandmother, Lottie Clark. Brian uncovered Alexis' deceit involving Louise and her "affair" with Dr. Evans. At the hospital, the doctor was shaken by the unethical terms of his payback, in exchange for having received Gavin's help. Coming: Jane fears suffering the same fate as many at the Drake.

VAMPIRE DIARIES: Elena suffered another side effect of becoming a vampire, experiencing terrifying hallucinations, which led her to make a dangerous mistake. After giving Stefan very disturbing news about Elena, Klaus took matters into his own hands. With help from Klaus and Stefan, Jeremy began a new chapter in his life. Professor Shane revealed a story of ancient witchcraft to Damon and Bonnie, which took on added resonance when Matt gave Damon startling new information about the professor. Elena made a painful personal confession to Stefan. Coming: A new source of danger comes to the surface.

YOUNG AND RESTLESS: When Nikki blurted out to Victor that Victoria has been kidnapped because of Billy's gambling debts, Billy pleaded with Victor to play by Eddie's rules. Victoria tried to pick the lock on the door where she was imprisoned. Phyllis finally was forced to realize her marriage to Nick is over. Meanwhile, Avery told Nick she'll take whatever risk is necessary to be with him. Sharon was horrified by Dr. Watkins' diagnosis that she's bipolar and resisted taking the powerful medication for her condition. Jill left a message for Tucker that she's figured out a way to convince Katherine to step down. Coming: Jack hides his condition, despite the likely consequences.

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