BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL: Following presentations by Thomas and Rick, Eric picked the new president of Forrester Creations. Steffy was crushed when she witnessed a passionate encounter between Liam and Hope. Taylor learned of a secret Steffy is keeping, and considered revealing it on her daughter's behalf. Katie took decisive action to end her husband's drinking, without Bill's permission. Coming: Liam will have to make a life-changing personal choice.

BUNHEADS: Michelle returned to Paradise to help Truly negotiate her lease after being evicted from her shop, and became aware of the difficult relationship between Truly and her sister, Milly. Boo sought advice from Michelle when Carl insisted she meet his parents. Talia set up a skeptical Michelle on a blind date. The girls were intrigued by a pair of newcomers in town, multitalented siblings. Coming: Michelle finds herself in the unlikely role of counselor.

THE CARRIE DIARIES: Sixteen-year-old Carrie Bradshaw, who recently lost her mother and lives with her struggling father and rebellious younger sister, felt self-conscious when she began her junior year of high school. Seeking to turn her life in a new direction, Carrie was captivated by new guy Sebastian Kydd, but was introduced to a whole new world by magazine style editor Larissa Loughlin thanks to her internship. Coming: Carrie's new ideas get mixed results from her friends.

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DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Chad's revelation that Nick is not the father of Gabi's baby brought the wedding to a screeching halt. Will admitted the baby is his. Rafe's support for Gabi led to a blowout with Sam that sent her to E.J.'s arms. Unable to get past Marlena's lack of trust in him, John opted to leave town and ponder his future. Kate pushed her agenda to discredit Chloe as a mother, while Chloe plotted against Jennifer. Kristen felt a touch of guilt about hiring Brady's muggers. Coming: Nick has a way to get what he and Gabi want.

EMILY OWENS, M.D.: Dr. Aquino's return to the hospital staff depended on his making peace with Dr. Bandari. Emily dealt with a psychic patient who was convinced she will die. Suspecting Will was jealous of her recent date, Emily accepted instruction from Cassandra on how to flirt. Coming: The doctors' truce is hard to maintain.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Spin-elli broke it to Maxie that he wants to be with Ellie and slept with Maxie because he thought Ellie had rejected him. Todd made a surprising plea and claim at his arraignment. Sam realized McBain is right and she needs to put Jason to rest. Sabrina saw Britt and Patrick together and mistakenly assumed the worst. Michael was upset to learn Tracy beat A.J. for control of ELQ. Coming: A.J. and Michael refuse to accept defeat.

THE LYING GAME: With Emma and Thayer growing closer, Mads came away from visiting her father in prison with a family revelation that shocked Emma. Sutton escalated her plan to win back Ethan and made sure Emma knew about it. Despite Alec's arrest, Dan continued his investigation into Derek's murder. Jordan enrolled at school and tried to get to know Laurel better. Coming: Emma reacts to the latest news.

NASHVILLE: As the co-headlining tour began, Rayna found working without Deacon was too disruptive and made a proposal to Liam, while Juliette used the press to send Sean a message. Scarlett traveled with Gunnar to Austin to see Deacon perform with the Revel Kings, while Gunnar visited his brother. Avery made his move to sign with Dominic. Teddy and Coleman were tied in the polls. Coming: The moment of truth in the election draws close.

ONCE UPON A TIME: Mr. Gold used an unwilling test subject on a new spell he hoped would let him cross the border of Storybrooke with his memory intact, and seek his son Bae. Belle encountered a vengeful Hook, intent on destroying Rumplestiltskin, in the Storybrooke harbor. Mary Margaret and David went house hunting. In the former fairytale land, Belle teamed up with Mulan to slay a beast. Coming: Hook's thirst for revenge threatens innocent citizens.

PRETTY LITTLE LIARS: Hanna was the only one holding out hope Mona had reformed, but after the shocking events at the school marathon, Aria, Emily and Spencer felt certain Mona was up to her old tricks. However, with no hard evidence, proving Mona's actions seemed impossible. Aria's fears about her father intensified when something important hidden in her room went missing. Coming: Aria's concern could lead her straight to danger.

REVENGE: A fundraiser and wine auction proved to be the perfect setting for Emily and Aidan's next plan of attack, as the duo gingerly trusted each other. At the same time, Victoria strategized and planned her next move. Jack, Declan and Amanda struggled with the new reality of their fight to survive their battle with the Ryans. Coming: Daniel finds out who's on his side.

666 PARK AVENUE: While laying out her plan to get Henry elected, Sasha/Laurel secretly offered Father Douglas a disturbing way to rid himself of the demons that had been in Gavin's red box. A new tenant with ulterior motives moved into the Drake. Louise faced Brian's anger for relapsing into substance abuse, and was targeted by Alexis, who discovered their paths had crossed in the past. Coming: Sasha could prove more dangerous than her parents.

SWITCHED AT BIRTH: Regina was shocked when Angelo revealed the truth about Lana and the baby. Bay discovered making the transition to attending Carlton School for the Deaf was not as easy as she had expected. Toby and Nikki's relationship encountered an obstacle when Emmett saw something from Nikki's past that made Toby question his girlfriend's agenda. Coming: Bay is not the kind to give up.

VAMPIRE DIARIES: Rebekah turned up at the high school and tried to force Stefan, Elena and Caroline to answer her questions about the search for a cure. Bonnie was uncomfortable with her father's sudden desire to protect her. Shane revealed too much to the wrong person. Caroline tried to comfort Tyler. Klaus stepped in with his own plan when Damon and Matt trained Jeremy to step up his game as a hunter. Coming: Shane tries to get out of a sticky situation.

YOUNG AND RESTLESS: Hearing the judge permitted Jamie to stay with Michael and Lauren, Fen planned to cause trouble for him. When Noah lashed out at Adriana for showing up at the club opening, she pulled him into a kiss. As Victor was about to expose Jack's substance abuse problem at the press conference, Nikki arrived. Tyler reassured Leslie when she worried about someone doing a background check on them. Coming: Fen intends to get rid of his rival.


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