ALL MY CHILDREN: On the season finale, despite JR's apparently sincere apology to Brooke for his destructive behavior at the gala, he was privately still thirsting for revenge. JR made Cara an offer that would bring them even closer. However, her response was clouded by his implied threat of keeping Oliver's paternity a secret, if she plays along. Meanwhile, David's role in Oliver's future was far from over. Cassandra might finally be at home but she felt more alone than ever, and it was up to Colby to pull Cassandra out of her depression and make her able to appreciate life again. Coming: The launch date for the new season has not yet been announced.

BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL: As Maya brooded over the loss of her relationship with Rick, she received a cheer-up visit from Carter, but concluded Caroline is a better match for Rick. Caroline went to extremes to make sure Rick's mind stays off Maya. Hope pleaded with Wyatt not to move out of the Spencer house, and received a tempting proposition in return. While Wyatt admitted to Quinn she was right about Bill, Hope tried getting Liam to change his mind about kicking Wyatt out of their home. Brooke attempted to convince Bill to reach out to his estranged son and mend their relationship. Hope had an idea she believed would help her professionally and personally. Bill and Brooke shared a candid talk about the widespread opposition to them being together. Coming: Hope's idea could bring a fresh start for Wyatt.

BREAKING POINTE: With the arrival of "Cinder-ella's" opening night, the company began to think they were cursed, thanks to all the mishaps and injuries that have plagued them. The dancers found themselves shaken following a disastrous dress rehearsal. Ian found himself facing every dancer's worst nightmare, while Allison anxiously wondered if Jonathan would show up for the performance. Rex continued to struggle with the foot injury that's bothered him all season. Despite her concerns, Christiana put on a brave face for the big night. Coming: The performance leads to very different outcomes for the dancers.

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DAYS OF OUR LIVES: JJ's latest misadventure ended up with him being arrested. Finally realizing the truth about her son, Jennifer lashed out at JJ for all the nasty things he's done since returning to Salem. Mean-while, Theresa feared JJ would bring her down with him. Despite their breakup, Daniel was there to offer comfort to Jen. Fearing his actions would be discovered, EJ urged Justin to move fast with Sami's trial, only to be confronted by Justin about the money EJ planted in Bernardi's son's account. Unable to shake his uneasy feelings about the night he got sick at the hospital, Eric ended up fighting with Nicole when he refused to confide in her. Nick had mysterious plans in mind for Gabi. Coming: Secrets could emerge as Kristen and Brady's wedding day nears.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Britt revealed to Nikolas that she lied about Patrick being the baby's father, in order to get closer to him. Patrick, furious when Britt blurted out the name of the baby's father, interrupted a close moment between Brad and Felix to announce Brad is Britt's baby daddy. When pressed by Nikolas to accept his parental responsibilities, Brad hinted Nik might have feelings for Britt. Silas' news about Danny led to a kiss between him and Sam, for which she immediately apologized. Without the murder weapon, AJ expected to be released, only to have Morgan find a gun on the Quartermaine grounds and tell the police. Dante got a call hinting Sonny could be at the hospital, a gunshot victim. Diane named the person responsible for Franco's reign of terror. Coming: Britt's delivery is not without problems.

MISTRESSES: The judge delivered a shocking ruling in the case of Grey vs. Kim, but that was just the beginning of bad news for Karen. Paul helped a frantic April search for Lucy after her school reported the child missing. With Alex now aware Josh slept with Olivier, Joss tried to salvage her damaged relationship with Alex. Accepting Harry is no longer part of her life, Savi grew closer to Dom, but some disturbing news regarding Harry's restaurant could affect Savi's reconstructed future. Coming: The season finale reveals which relationships survive.

VAMPIRE DIARIES: On a rebroadcast, after making a decision that infuriated Klaus, Elijah proposed a life-changing challenge for Rebekah. Caroline's carefully laid plans for a perfect Senior Prom night were shattered by Elena, prompting her to turn to Klaus for a solution, and amusing him greatly. Determined to get through to Elena, Stefan and Damon came to the prom but couldn't reach her. An unlikely team was created when Matt asked Rebekah for help after Elena lashed out in a way no one could have predicted. Bonnie made a horrifying discovery. Klaus received a very personal message that could change everything. Coming: Those closest to Elena strive to re-light the humanity within her.

YOUNG AND RESTLESS: Victor agreed to consider Adam's plan to take over Chancellor Industries, in return for the name of Adam's secret investor. However, Adam later ac-cused Victor of having him followed and bugging his house and shared his concerns with Jack. Chelsea was stunned when the doctor told her little Connor has a disease that could lead to blindness, and the condition is passed on by a parent. A clue in the sketch of Katherine holding a particular book led to a curious conversation between Jill, Chloe and Esther about a necklace that had been a gift from Katherine's first husband, Gary Reynolds. Katherine's friends and family held an emotion-filled memorial in her honor, and caused Paul to take the advice she had given him in her letter. Nikki revealed to Nick she thinks Summer is planning to leave Genoa City. Coming: Connor's condition escalates Chelsea's fear of being exposed.


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