BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL: Discovering Katie had left him and baby Will, a frantic Bill, accompanied by Brooke, sought help from Taylor. When Katie visited Taylor, she tried in vain to get Katie to drop her plan to leave. Rick was tormented by the need to confess his role in breaking up Hope and Liam. As the new CEO of Forrester Creations, Thomas implemented major changes that did not sit well with many of the staff. Thomas tried to win over Caroline by revealing her new role in the company. Coming: Bill and Brooke are desperate to find Katie.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Despite telling Jennifer that he loves her, Daniel still planned to leave town with Nicole. However, while searching for his necklace in the hospital's lost and found, Daniel found the other half of the distinctive baby outfit, and realized something isn't right. Bo headed to the Alzheimer's clinic in California with Caroline, while secretly planning to work on bringing down Stefano while he's away. Sami turned down Marlena's request that she quit working for Kristen, saying Kristen's not a threat. Lucas created a rift between Sonny and Will. Coming: Nicole is on the verge of losing everything.

EMILY OWENS, M.D.: Emily and her rival Cassandra were the only ones remaining in a competition with the coveted prize a chance to assist in surgery. An STD outbreak at the local high school led Emily to deliver a talk about safe sex to the teens. Emily tried to forget about her feelings for Will, but discovered covering up her emotions was easier said than done. Coming: Rivalry becomes a way of life at the hospital.

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GENERAL HOSPITAL: Heather awoke from her coma, leaving Todd panicked that she'll tell the truth about his involvement in the baby switch. Later, Carly and Todd were on the verge of making love when Johnny and Connie caught them together. Trey figured out Starr and Michael were intending to have sex. Duke revealed his personal interest in Anna's investigation of the three shootings and invited her to the Haunted Star party, just before Luke asked Anna to be his date. Maxie moved out of Patrick's place. Coming: Anna makes a romantic decision.

GOSSIP GIRL: Chuck went to an unlikely event among the elite, hoping to find the one person who could tell him the truth about his father's dealings. When Serena and Steve swapped romantic histories to avoid surprises, they uncovered something neither was prepared for. No longer having Dan's book to keep The Spectator afloat, Nate had to make a difficult decision in order to remain in business. Georgina pushed Dan to date the right person to enhance his image, but instead, he was drawn in a different direction. Coming: Serena's relationship faces a big challenge.

NASHVILLE: Rayna and Teddy's marriage was tested when a woman from his past showed up at his campaign fundraiser with a secret, while Rayna performed with Deacon. Juliette tried to polish her image with an appearance on an important TV show. Gunnar made a connection with Hailey, his publisher's assistant. Teddy and Coleman agreed to take the moral high ground during the campaign. Coming: Ideals fall when winning is at stake.

90210: Intending to reveal to Max that Alec kissed her, Naomi was unable to perform a trust-building exercise with Max while keeping her secret. Adrianna realized she has feelings for Taylor. Annie's new prospect, Collin, helped to remove nude pictures of Silver from the Internet. When Liam's new co-star, Kendall, harassed him to start a relationship to generate publicity, he escaped by going camping with Navid and Dixon, but went missing in the woods. Coming: Liam tries to prove he's more than a pretty face.

ONCE UPON A TIME: Regina continued to restrain herself from using magic in order to win back Henry's love, but began seeing what she believed is a ghost from her past. When Mary Margaret and Emma discovered a survivor from the ogre massacre, Emma wondered whether he was telling the truth. In the fairytale land that was, Regina failed to learn the dark arts because her past is preventing her from using magic for evil. Coming: Regina is caught between opposing forces.

REVENGE: The arrival of people from the past to the Hamptons held special significance for Victoria and Emily. Victoria would have to face the one person whose advice permanently changed the course of her life. Jack's sense of duty was uppermost with the baby's arrival. Padma's actions could have a major effect on Nolcorp. Coming: Nolan may have been outplayed in several arenas.

666 PARK AVENUE: Jane was menaced by the spirit from the suitcase. Gavin received anonymous texts that threatened Olivia's safety. Henry met with a media consultant interested in taking his political career to a new level. Brian showed his jealousy when he grilled Louise about her rendezvous with Dr. Evans while she was recovering from the elevator "accident." Coming: Gavin is not immune to deadly opponents.

VAMPIRE DIARIES: Damon, Elena and Bonnie visited Whitmore College, where Professor Shane is now teaching occult studies. At a fraternity party, Damon took advantage of the wild scene to teach Elena how to choose a victim. Rebekah's attempt to buy Matt's forgiveness was not accepted. Stefan questioned Klaus about Connor's motives, and was told about Klaus' past encounter with a group of vampire hunters. Rebekah delivered news that stunned Stefan. Coming: Klaus hasn't lost his desire to control.

YOUNG AND RESTLESS: When Jack was hit with another pain in his back, he was advised to have immediate surgery or risk paralysis. Phyllis was troubled by Jack's decision to hire Adam as CFO of Newman Enterprises, rather than use her and Billy. The arson investigator found a damaged bracelet at the ranch that Victor recognized as one he gave to Sharon. Tucker asked someone to hurry back to town because Katherine is making a big mistake taking over Chancellor again. Genevieve left Genoa City. Coming: Adam pushes his private agenda.


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