ALL MY CHILDREN: Angie learned something extremely difficult for her to deal with. Rattled by shocking news, David plotted a reinvention. Miranda offered a helping hand to a friend. Opal meddled in a big way. Pete set a sophisticated plan in motion. A person named Sinnamon kept everyone guessing. Things would not be the same in Pine Valley when a troublemaker returned. Someone hovered on the brink of death. Coming: David believes he can make changes.

BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL: Assuring Caroline there is a future for her and Rick, Bill arranged for Maya, who would be at the club, to bump into her ex-boyfriend - and father of her child - Jesse. Things didn't go as planned when Caroline and Jesse witnessed a tender moment between Rick and Maya. Grasping for a way to keep her night with Bill a secret, Brooke turned down Donna's suggestion to tell the truth and instead devised another plan. Hope acknowledged to Brooke that seeing Oliver would be a good way to move on, but emphasized she's not ready. Coming: Caroline and Jesse share a common goal.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Believing Stefano was behind the attack on Rafe, Kate blurted out that she and Rafe were lovers. Livid over that revelation, Sami later asked EJ if he was responsible for the assault. JJ was angered to see his mother kissing Daniel and "accidentally" destroyed something he borrowed from Daniel. Nick's past caught up to him when he and Gabi were held at gunpoint. Kristen got cold feet about carrying out her plan to break Brady's heart. Meanwhile, someone stole the photo of Kristen and Sy. When Marlena asked John if he wants a divorce, she was crushed by his reply. Coming: Nick's actions put Gabi in danger.

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GENERAL HOSPITAL: Michael found a beaten-up Morgan and got him medical attention. Sonny tracked down Morgan, who was in danger from the thugs, and returned with him to Port Charles. When TJ acted jealous and possessive, a fed-up Molly told him she's going to the prom with Rafe. Despite Tracy's blackmail threat to tell Liz the truth about him and Carly, AJ was ready to come clean with Liz when she asked him to be her date for Laura and Scott's wedding. Dante persisted in trying to awaken Lulu's memory. Sabrina was shocked to learn Britt asked to move in with Patrick. Coming: Does Scott get to tie the knot?

NASHVILLE: Teddy battled Rayna for control of their daughters, prompting Lamar to become an unlikely ally when he took Rayna's side. Jolene attempted to help her daughter when she saw Juliette struggling, but her advice might not be welcome. Avery and Will each had an opportunity to display their talent with bigger stars, with differing outcomes. Tandy brought her own agenda to the board of Wyatt Industries. Coming: On the season finale, Rayna makes a life-changing choice.

90210: On the two-hour series finale, the stars of "90210" looked back at the show's unforgettable moments and characters. With Prince Michael Jackson and the Goo Goo Dolls as special guests, a traumatic event brought everyone together and made them realize the importance of their relationships, as future plans were revealed.

ONCE UPON A TIME: On the season finale, the Charmings' desire to return to Fairytale Land and restore their home had to be delayed when Henry was kidnapped, as Tamara and Greg went after their revenge. Henry's loved ones followed the trail to Neverland, where Hook was in his element. Hook and Bae had a tense encounter. Coming: Once Upon a Time returns this fall for its third season.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE: Todd tried to convince Viki he's changed and attempted to get everyone to believe him. Tea came to a startling realization. Jeffrey, Matthew and Dani played dangerous games at the apartment. After Matthew was found in a compromising situation, Dani became troubled by his new friend. There were serious consequences when a fight broke out. Bo and Natalie searched for clues to find out the truth. Clint talked to Viki about taking the next step in their relationship. Coming: Matthew appears headed for more trouble.

REVENGE: On the two-hour season finale, Emily and Nolan faced off against the Initiative and the Falcon in a final confrontation that resulted in a heartbreaking death. The shocking loss and its aftereffects forced Emily to take a hard look at the path of revenge she's been following, and if her crusade is worth the loss of innocent lives. Coming: "Revenge" is expected to return this fall for its third season.

SECRET LIFE OF THE AMERICAN TEENAGER: Their impending marriages put Amy, Adrian and Grace on edge, as they each struggled to reconcile making a major commitment with pursuing their individual dreams. Anne, feeling like an outsider in her own family, found an unexpected ally in Kathleen. Kathy and Ethan got into a fight when he questioned the status of their relationship. Leo worried about Ben's continuing obsession with Amy. Chloe reconnected with someone from her past. Coming: Ben fights an inner battle regarding his future.

SMASH: "Smash" is pre-empted but airs its two-hour finale on May 26.

VAMPIRE DIARIES: On the season finale, Damon's life was in danger after a ghostly encounter, while Stefan discovered a horrifying clue surrounding the mystery of Silas. Matt and Rebekah joined forces to battle a spirit determined to find the cure. Elena made a decision about Damon and Stefan before entering a fateful confrontation with Katherine. Caroline received a touching and unexpected graduation present. Help came from an unexpected place when the ghosts closed in before the high school graduation ceremony. Bonnie's plan led to the closing of the veil. Coming: "Vampire Diaries" returns in October for its fifth season, along with a spin-off, "The Originals."

YOUNG AND RESTLESS: Although Chelsea intended to tell Dylan he's not the baby's father, they began to feel a connection and shared an intense kiss, leaving her guilt-ridden. Alex arrested Chloe when she couldn't explain where she got some jewelry, which made Kevin realize he has to confess. Summer turn-ed down Fen's invitation to the prom, determined to have Kyle as her date. Lauren wanted to fix her marriage and told Carmine she'll do whatever it takes to get Michael back. Someone watched Tyler and Leslie at their mother's grave. Victor overheard Billy lying to Victoria about his poker game and confronted him. Coming: Adam pursues his buyout scheme.

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