BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL: Finding it hard to accept Ridge and Katie's disclosure, Brooke accused them of being out for revenge. As Katie and Ridge discussed their future plans, Brooke prepared to win Ridge back. Aly tricked Charlie into telling her about the diamond heist. Aly's disapproval of Wyatt and Quinn led her to a confrontation with Quinn on the Forrester office bridge, which soon turned physical. Coming: The Forresters get drawn into the consequences of an argument.

DALLAS: The race to obtain capital for the upcoming Arctic Lease auction sent Bobby scrambling to prevent John Ross from fracking on Southfork. As Nicolas and Elena's partnership heated up, Christopher made a shocking discovery about the newcomer's past. Emma's schemes jeopardized John Ross and Pamela's wedding. Coming: Ewing weddings always have their share of surprises.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: After witnessing EJ's behavior regarding her possible pregnancy, Abigail realized that she doesn't trust him. Jennifer became the target of a smear campaign. Eric refused to have sex with Nicole, leading her to lash out at Marlena for meddling in her relationship. Later, Daniel confronted Nicole about what she's been keeping from Eric. JJ's attempt to impress Paige backfired. Coming: EJ's maneuvers get him in trouble again.

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THE FOSTERS: An encounter with her father raised tough questions for Callie, who feared the effect a reunion would have on Jude. Jesus struggled to keep focused without his ADHD medication. Mariana received an unexpected invitation from Zac's mother. A friend helped Stef and Lena to make a big decision. Coming: What should be a happy event has a shocking conclusion.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Michael was taken aback by new information about AJ's shooting. Julian and Ric appeared to share a mysterious connection. Alexis became livid when she found out Ric's plans for Molly. After Silas' conversation with Kiki about NYC drew in an eavesdropper, he had an unexpected visitor from his past. Julian gave Carlos a warning. Britt wondered if she made a mistake telling her mother she's engaged to Nik. Coming: Luke's uncharacteristic behavior draws increasing notice.

NASHVILLE: Juliette weighed the decision she made regarding which label would do best for her new image. Rayna was determined to keep Highway 65 afloat, which involved making unlikely alliances. Scarlett's fragility made her easy prey for those who could capitalize on her weakness. Coming: The arrival of a family member may not suit Scarlett's best interest.

ONCE UPON A TIME: After Rumplestiltskin sacrificed himself to stop Pan, Regina took back her original curse, erasing Storybrooke and sending almost everyone back to Fairy Tale Land, where they faced a new threat from a wicked witch. Hook visited Emma in NYC, hoping to restore her memory and enlist help for her fairy tale family. Coming: Emma's inner spirit gives her strength.

THE ORIGINALS: Elijah looked out for Rebekah when they and Klaus were trapped in a cemetery by a witch. Elijah revealed a long-held secret from the family's past. Desperate to free Rebekah, Marcel was forced to make a deal with Genevieve. Hayley's unborn child led to a bond between her and Rebekah. Coming: Marcel no longer keeps his feelings for Rebekah a secret.

PRETTY LITTLE LIARS: Paige's betrayal left Emily reeling, Aria tried to get over her broken heart, Spencer faced painful memories from her "lost summer" and Hanna struck out in the dating game. The liars pursued their suspicions that Mrs. DiLaurentis knows more about the night Ali went missing, by assisting at a charity fashion show to gain access to the DiLaurentis house. Ella and Jason returned to Rosewood, each with a secret. Coming: New secrets lead to more family problems.

REIGN: Back from her honeymoon, Mary investigated Lola's strange behavior and uncovered a life-changing deception. Bash sought help from Nostradamus after encountering a confused and terrified Olivia, an escaped victim of the woods. King Henry's odd behavior caused misfortune, forcing him to ask the Queen for aid. Coming: A new threat from outside the castle intensifies.

REVENGE: Emily's mysterious blackouts threatened everything and everyone important in her life, making Emily her own worst enemy. As Conrad's ex-wife, Stevie, and other unwelcome reminders of the past turned up, Victoria had to push herself to a new and improved level of scheming. Coming: There are those whose agenda is served by Emily remaining unstable.

STAR-CROSSED: Roman got a secret cellphone from his mother and took it to school, hoping to learn what his father was hiding. Things grew tense between Emery and Julia, who had promised not to share Roman's secret with anyone. Grayson asked Emery to forgive him for the incident, but she remained unsure about trusting him. Brina was poisoned by rivals on the swim team, resulting in a full-tilt brawl. Coming: Emery wonders where Roman's loyalties lie.

SWITCHED AT BIRTH: Daphne tried to help Angelo at the clinic's fundraiser but was distracted by the competition of Jorge and Campbell for her attention. Bay had to deal with Mary Beth's feelings about Tank, risking a friendship. Toby tutored Sharee to keep her eligible for the field hockey team. John and Kathryn issued an unexpected invitation. Coming: Hurt feelings take time to heal.

TWISTED: Vowing to move on without Danny, Jo surprised everyone when she decided to run for student body president. Unfortunately, so did Rico's girlfriend Andie. As Danny remained haunted by Vikram, Lacey confronted him about what he's hiding. Jack's daughter, Whitney, who had been kicked out of boarding school, returned to Green Grove and immediately befriended Lacy. Coming: Charlie is helpful for his own reasons.

VAMPIRE DIARIES: Damon tried to act honorably when Enzo brought him a gruesome gift and wanted them to bond by committing an act of revenge together. At Matt's impromptu party, Caroline made a shocking confession to Elena and faced the consequences of her actions with Stefan and Tyler. Elena found herself in a life-threatening situation. Aaron tried to make amends for what his family did and start a new life. Coming: Elena races the clock to survive.

YOUNG AND RESTLESS: The Cassie imposter, who is being generously paid by Victor, was given a directive to get Sharon to reveal her secret. The sexual tension became almost too much for Sharon and Nick to handle. Chloe was sentenced to outpatient therapy. When Kevin appeared ready to take responsibility for her, Michael warned him that Chloe doesn't share his feelings. Leslie pleaded with Neil to stay friends with her. Coming: Victor deals with an unwelcome visitor.

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