Scopin' the Soaps: On 'Pretty Little Liars,' Aria struggles with her breakup from Ezra

Ashley Benson, left, is Hanna, Shay Mitchell is Emily, Troian Bellisario is Spencer and Lucy Hale is Aria in ABC Family’s ‘Pretty Little Liars.’

ALL MY CHILDREN: Following Celia's breakup with Pete, Miranda encouraged her friend to call him and explain her feelings, but when she did, Celia received an unwanted surprise. AJ's attraction to someone new left Miranda confused by her reaction. Dixie came face to face with Billy Clyde. Jesse's deal with Uri went very wrong, leaving Zach as a murder suspect. JR took drastic measures in his escalating conflict with David. Coming: Colby's return to Pine Valley brings trouble.

BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL: Unexpected events prevented Brooke from telling Bill and Katie the truth about her pregnancy. Having second thoughts about her marriage, Steffy stunned Liam with the news that she's leaving for Paris alone, sending Liam straight to Hope's comforting arms. Maya refused to back down from Bill's latest threat and shared the news of his blackmail with a shocked Rick and Caroline. As Caroline became the odd woman out when Rick and Maya reunited, Rick devised a plan to get revenge on Bill. Coming: Hope may get the man she wants after all.

THE CARRIE DIARIES: On a rebroadcast, between being grounded and her rival Donna's scheming, Carrie feared Sebastian would lose interest in her. In order to spend more time with Sebastian, Carrie lied to her father and broke her plans with Dorrit. Maggie's obsession with having sex drove a wedge between her and Walt. Larissa wanted to do a photo shoot for "Interview" featuring Carrie's decorated purse. Coming: Dorrit acts up.

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DAYS OF OUR LIVES: John's confession left Marlena hurt, angry and wanting nothing more to do with him. Kristen intended to get revenge against Marlena and met with a mysterious man. Following an argument with Eric about Sami, Nicole sought comfort from Brady and things heated up between them. EJ helped Sami when she got into trouble, but Sami still ended up being arrested. JJ came up with a nasty plan when he overheard Cameron discussing drug samples he has at work. Coming: Stefano is up to no good.

THE FOSTERS: Jesus stop-ped taking his meds to cover for Mariana, who had stolen pills, but his temper drew him into a fight at school. Meanwhile, Mariana struggled with her guilt when Callie was suspected of the drug theft. A secret romance began between Jesus and Lexi, his sister's best friend. Grounded for running off to help Callie rescue Jude, Brandon intended to see Talya while her parents are away. Coming: Mariana decides whether to do the right thing.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Carly ordered a hit on someone from her past, leaving everyone horrified over who got shot. As Sam nervously awaited Danny's test results, Silas pressed Diane for custody of Rafe. Felix warned Britt he intends to prove she's being deceptive. With Molly seemingly out of the picture, Taylor seized an unexpected opportunity to get closer to TJ. AJ shared a warm moment with Liz in the ER, only to have his hopes shattered when he ran into Nik. Coming: Rafe's custody is decided.

MISTRESSES: Karen and April had very different reactions to Savi's decision to confess to her husband, Harry, about her night with Dominic. April looked into a woman's claim that April's late husband, Paul, had another life. Joss found a friend in a new client, Alex. Karen was uneasy about her agreement to meet with Sam Grey. Coming: April is on the trail of something unbelievable.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE: Todd decided to share the details of his plan with Blair. Tea and Blair teamed up to figure out someone's location. Bo discovered a shocking piece of information about Dani's overdose at Shelter's grand opening. Matthew made plans to take his relationship to the next level. The Nightbird began broadcasting to Llanview. Coming: Matthew may get more than he expects.

PRETTY LITTLE LIARS: In the aftermath of the lodge fire, and Mona now being targeted, the liars turned to her for answers about what "A" has in store. Aria struggled with running into Ezra now that they're apart. "A" set Toby on a new path. The contents of the trunk were revealed. Emily began to make plans for life after high school. Coming: A shocking discovery affects many in Rosewood.

SWITCHED AT BIRTH: Re-gina came back from rehab to discover Daphne has become closer to the Kennish family and their comfortable life. Bay ran into her ex-boyfriend, Ty, who recently returned from serving in Afghanistan. Travis convinced Emmett to bring girls over to his house while Melody is out of town. Nikki didn't react as expected to Kathryn's elaborate plans for her and Toby's rehearsal dinner. Coming: Family issues could derail a wedding.

TWISTED: On the series premiere, 16-year-old Danny, who had killed his aunt as a child, returned to his home town after spending five years in juvenile detention. Branded as an outcast, Danny reconnected with Jo and Lacey, his childhood best friends, and tried to defuse the tension with his mother. However, when a student was found dead in her home after a wild party, Danny became the prime suspect. Coming: Danny's enemies look for evidence to use against him.

VAMPIRE DIARIES: On a rebroadcast, Damon, Elena and Bonnie met Professor Shane, now in charge of the Occult Studies classes formerly taught by Bonnie's grandmother. Damon showed Elena how to choose a victim. Rebekah's attempt to buy forgiveness from Matt was rejected. Klaus and Rebekah gave Stefan answers to his questions about the vampire hunters. Coming: Connor strikes back.

YOUNG AND RESTLESS: Nick announced his engagement to Avery, but later found out the paternity test results. Fen was invited to a party where drugs would be available. Kevin denied having anything to do with a recent robbery, but when Chloe learned he did steal again, she announced she's packing and taking Delia. Summer and Kyle kissed after their date. Victoria confronted Billy about his secrecy and demanded to know if he's having an affair. Coming: Billy is put on the spot.

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