Scopin' the Soaps: On 'Revenge,' Jack devises his own plan to pay back Amanda's death

Robert Carlyle stars as Rumplestiltskin on ABC’s ‘Once Upoin a Time.’

BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL: With Rick absent from work, the Forrester board discovered poor financial decisions he had made, prompting Taylor to suggest to Eric that Thomas be made president. Already threatened by Taylor's newfound power, Brooke took desperate measures to make sure Taylor doesn't force Rick and Hope out of the company. Rick apologized to Maya, who felt betrayed about him hiding his identity from her. Steffy wondered about Hope's motive in asking her for a big favor. Coming: Brooke risks everything for her children's future.

THE CARRIE DIARIES: Feeling personally responsible for Dorrit's latest disappearance, Carrie lashed out at Sebastian, the one person who could help find her sister. Mouse clashed with West, who had taken over the top spot in class. Tom turned to, of all people, Larissa, for advice in dealing with women. Coming: Carrie can't get away from Sebastian.

DALLAS: Stunned to learn JR's death resulted from a mugging, the battling Ewings tried to put aside their differences and mourn together. However, powerful evidence was uncovered that led to a shocking revelation, proving with JR Ewing, nothing is ever what it seems. Coming: A catastrophic loss leads to shifting alliances.

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DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Will's efforts to stop Nick and Gabi's wedding failed. A triumphant Nick had no idea the revenge seeking Vargas had just been released from prison. Chloe appeared to get her way when she drugged Daniel and set him up to have Jen find what looked like a post-sex scene. As part of her revenge agenda, Kristen flirted with John, a plot that delighted Stefano. EJ asked Sami to move into the mansion. Coming: Nick's worst nightmare is on his trail.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: When Todd begged Carly to let him back in her life, she lied that she's now with AJ, and pressed AJ to act as her boyfriend. While Elizabeth challenged AJ about his kiss with Carly, Todd planned to uncover the truth. Sabrina finally revealed her true feelings to Patrick. Connie admitted Molly wrote most of "Love in Maine." Alexis arrived with bad news for Rafe. Coming: Maxie is torn about giving up her baby.

THE LYING GAME: On the winter finale, the charity gala became a somber event as everyone honored the memory of a loved one. Dan presented Ethan with an ultimatum that had heartbreaking consequences. Emma finally confronted Rebecca about her lost childhood. Ted was tormented about revealing another secret from his past to Kristin. Coming: "The Lying Game's" second season resumes later this year.

90210 : Naomi was hired to plan events for media mogul Jordan Welland. A girls' night out for Naomi ended in disaster. Dixon began to develop feelings for Michaela. Liam discovered the Cronus brothers planned to blame Navid for the cheating ring, and took a risky course to help his friend. Coming: Liam gets into trouble with the wrong people.

ONCE UPON A TIME: Refusing to accept defeat when it comes to regaining their powers, Cora and Regina intended to secure the one object that could put them above Mr. Gold. In the former fairytale land, Rumplestiltskin made what would become a fateful deal with a younger Cora when the king ordered her to spin straw into gold. Coming: The residents of Storybrooke face dark times.

PRETTY LITTLE LIARS: While Spencer searched for answers about Mona's time at Radley, Emily was intent on proving Spencer wrong in order to help her friend, but was shocked by what she found. Aria considered ending her relationship with Ezra, tormented by his new family situation. Hanna was thrown into the midst of Caleb's family drama. Coming: On the winter finale - who killed Alison?

RED WIDOW: Marta acted quickly when her forced drug smuggling assignment hit an obstacle and was surprised by her own savvy. Marta's children became unwittingly involved in the FBI investigation against her. Boris recalled a disturbing memory from his father's murder. Coming: With family first, Marta stands up to authority.

REVENGE: Deeply shaken by Amanda's death, the Hamptons community mourned its loss, while Jack was left totally bereft. Still reeling from the devastation, Emily was even more determined to exact justice and revenge, as she was bolstered by support from the few people she could trust. Coming: Emily targets those whom she holds responsible.

SMASH: When Derek and Karen found themselves at an unexpected crossroads, one of them had to make a hard choice. Jerry's uneasy partnership with Eileen hit a snag, while "Hit List's" first performance at the Fringe Festival was not trouble-free. Ivy's attempt to save her and Terry's show had unexpected results. Coming: Karen sticks up for what she believes.

SWITCHED AT BIRTH: On the winter finale, Daphne and the other students at Carlton found out whether their pro-test will keep the school open, and deaf. Lana went into labor. Toby made a surprise announcement. Unforeseen events derailed John's political campaign. An intoxicated Re-gina showed up at Angelo's. Emmett was torn over telling Bay that Daphne and Noah kissed. Coming: The second season of "Switched at Birth" resumes in June.

VAMPIRE DIARIES: Concerned about Elena's new outlook, Stefan and Damon felt returning to high school would be best for her, but instead, Elena brought danger when she rejoined the cheerleading squad. Damon and Rebekah continued their search for the cure. Klaus tried to use Hayley to get information and made an intriguing discovery. When Elena threw a wild party to shake off her boredom, things got ugly. Coming: Elena needs a vampire intervention.

YOUNG AND RESTLESS: After Avery's apartment was ransacked, Nick threatened Wheeler with retribution should anything else happen to her. Adam witnessed a dispute between Victor and Wheeler. With Chelsea refusing to tell Adam about the baby, Chloe urged her to find someone else to act as her baby's father. While having sex with Michael after she returned home, Lauren got a text from Carmine, and later told Michael she needs to be honest with him. Coming: Chelsea's problem could spell trouble for Lily and Cane.

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