BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL: Desperate to stop Liam from marrying Hope, Steffy and Taylor revealed the truth about the pregnancy, leaving Liam with an even more difficult decision to make. Despite having Caroline show her selfish side and abandon him during their date, Rick's evening later improved. Hope rejected Oliver when he admitted to still having feelings for her. Maya displayed a talent she's been hiding for a long time. Coming: Whatever Liam decides means heartbreak for someone.

BUNHEADS: When a nearby fire expanded to the edge of town, Bash pressed Michelle to turn the dance studio into an evacuation shelter. Sasha and Roman grew closer. Ginny couldn't keep her eyes off Frankie. Melanie was stalked by Dez. Boo became tangled in the midst of an unintentional love triangle. Coming: The first season ends with Michelle at a crossroads.

THE CARRIE DIARIES: Overwhelmed with cooking Thanksgiving dinner for her family, her new boyfriend George and his father, Carrie turned to Mouse for help. Sebastian was left on his own for the holiday when his mother flew off with her boyfriend. Sharing the day with Walt's family, Maggie realized she hadn't put thought into her future, especially when the conversation turned to college. Coming: Carrie and Dorrit reach another crisis point.

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DALLAS: Ryland was unrelenting as he tormented Ann by exposing secrets from her past that threatened to destroy her. John Ross' scheme to take over Ewing Energies was coming together. Christopher tried a new tactic to deal with Pamela Barnes. An enemy from the Ewings' past turned up unexpectedly. Coming: The family puts rivalries aside to stop an outside threat.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Chloe purposely got herself thrown out of the Kiriakis mansion and Daniel let her move in with him. Jennifer responded with a shocking request - that Daniel cut all direct ties with Chloe. When Eric was left unconscious, having saved Nicole's life during a run-in with a junkie, Nicole professed her love, but feared Eric may have heard her after he came to. While arguing with Sami, Gabi went into premature labor and a furious Nick lashed out at Sami. Abigail told Cameron she's a virgin. Coming: Kristin's agenda appears to have hit a roadblock.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: When Kate emerged from her coma, Sonny had to tell her Trey is dead. Sam found herself held captive by Caleb. Olivia had a frightening vision in which Steve was covered in blood. Sabrina was horrified to discover Britt wrote a complaint about her to Monica. Meanwhile, Maxie was guilt-ridden over making Sabrina believe she had killed someone. Todd and John traded barbs in neighboring jail cells. Coming: Olivia is terrified by a visitor.

THE LYING GAME: After hearing Emma's suspicions about Rebecca, Sutton's faith in her mother was shaken and she decided to take matters into her own hands. Rebecca was thrilled when Kristen and Ted's marriage woes deepened, while Alec realized Jordan could be an ally in his private war with Rebecca. Emma was in emotional overload regarding her ties to Ethan and Thayer. Coming: Sutton must decide who deserves her loyalty.

90210: Liam experienced symptoms of PTSD while preparing to testify against Ashley. Annie was furious when Naomi located their half-brother, Mark, who runs a gourmet food truck. Silver was overbearing with her surrogate, Michaela, while Dixon discovered the young woman has a fabulous singing voice. Coming: Liam struggles to keep himself together.

ONCE UPON A TIME: Accompanied by Emma and Henry, Mr. Gold searched for his son Bae in New York. Cora, Regina and Hook teamed up to track down one of Rumplestiltskin's most treasured possessions. In the former fairytale land, Rumple realized his destiny while fighting in the Ogre Wars. Coming: A self-centered trio can only collaborate for so long.

PRETTY LITTLE LIARS: Armed with new information about Wilden, Aria, Emily and Hanna searched for answers about the detective's past, and appeared to be making progress after talking to Shana and Cece. However, Wilden was prepared to strike back in whatever way would stop his secrets from coming out. Spencer finally accepted her friends' encouragement and found a source of support. Coming: A detective as an enemy is a formidable foe.

REVENGE: Despite the threats against their family, the Graysons still insisted on throwing their annual full-scale Labor Day party. Jack and Amanda sailed off on their honeymoon but faced perils at sea that could destroy their happiness, and Emily was unable to help. Coming: Will this party cost someone their life?

SMASH: Tension ensued when Eileen asked Tom and Julia to deal with an unwelcome new collaborator. Jimmy and Kyle prepared to present their work for the first time. Derek tried to get Veronica back on his side. Help from an old friend might help Ivy rise out of her doldrums and renew her faith in reaching her dream. Coming: An exciting new concept brings its own issues.

SWITCHED AT BIRTH: Daphne and Travis had a falling out that launched a series of consequences that neither of them anticipated. As Bay and Noah's relationship strengthened, Emmett wasn't ready to give up the girl he loves without a fight. Toby met Elisa, a volunteer at his father's campaign headquarters, but was unaware of her agenda. Coming: Scheming threatens to derail John's campaign.

VAMPIRE DIARIES: Seeing Elena back in Mystic Falls, Caroline was immediately worried about her friend's state of mind and sought help from Dr. Fell and Matt. Rebekah reacted unexpectedly to bad news from Damon. Everyone was horrified when Bonnie revealed the rest of Shane's plan. Damon did his best to reach out to Elena, but she came up with a strategy of her own. Coming: Alliances shift to fight a common enemy.

YOUNG AND RESTLESS: Nikki told Jack her diagnosis, a secret she's kept from everyone, including Victor. Chloe realized Chelsea is hiding something from Adam. Dylan asked Avery if they could have another chance, but accepted her decision to be with Nick. Summer confessed to Phyllis that she bullied Jamie to hurt Ronan. Wheeler pressed Leslie and Tyler to testify that Avery's client is dangerous. Alex told Adriana he lost his job because of her. Coming: Fen remains estranged from Michael.

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