BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL: Brooke offered comfort to Bill, whose grief over Katie's abandonment began to turn into anger and resentment. Katie, after scheming to distract Bill and Brooke while hiding in Aspen, refused to accept Taylor's diagnosis of her medical condition. Taylor then confronted Katie about trying to push Brooke and Bill together. Meanwhile, Brooke became anxious about seeing Ridge at Stephanie's party. Liam shared a secret from his past with Steffy. Rick challenged Caroline's intentions. Coming: Stephanie's loved ones gather in her honor.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Stunned to learn from Nicole's doctor the baby had died long before her argument with Jennifer, Daniel found a hysterical Nicole, who finally admitted the truth. Daniel and Rafe were able to stop Nicole from killing herself. John wasn't pleased to run into Kristen at the Horton cabin, where she insisted she wants forgiveness from him, not love. John's anger began to soften but Marlena still recognized Kristen as a threat. Gabi and Nick declared their mutual love. Will phoned Sonny. Coming: Nicole faces a difficult future.

EMILY OWENS, M.D.: In a rebroadcast of the series premiere, first-year surgical intern Emily Owens encountered her high school crush, Will, and her teenage enemy, Cassandra, at the hospital. Fellow intern Tyra chose Emily to befriend, revealing she's gay and her father, the chief of surgery, doesn't know. Resident Dr. Micah Barnes faced serious medical issues within his family. Coming: Emily's attraction to a co-worker leads to trouble.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Following testimony from those close to Connie on both sides of the commitment issue, the judge made a decision. After receiving an urgent call from the doctor in Switzerland, Duke traveled to the clinic. Emma was taken aback when it sounded like Robin was on the phone. Lulu came up with an alternative plan instead of adoption and begged Dante to go along with it. Michael went to the warehouse, where someone was tied up. When Maxie took back her apartment, Ellie asked to live with her. Coming: Patrick thinks he's ready to move on.

GOSSIP GIRL: Given an ultimatum by her mother, Blair believed she could get Waldorf Designs back on track with a special dress at the Cotillion, but a revelation at the gala shocked everyone. Serena discovered the reason behind Steven's attitude shift. Chuck found an unlikely ally to help him create a rift between Bart and Lily in order to expose his father's secret. The reaction to Dan's new article was the opposite of what he wanted. Coming: Chuck's sleuthing leads him to dangerous territory.

NASHVILLE: Rayna considered moving on when Deacon began to set boundaries in their already complex relationship. Meanwhile, Deacon offered a helping hand to Juliette as she dealt with her mother's addictions, which led to difficult memories of the past for Deacon. Teddy feared the collapse of his mayoral campaign should his past with Peggy and his financial troubles be exposed. With tension between Avery and Gunnar ready to explode, Scarlett had to make a big decision. Coming: Either choice could lead Scarlett to lose something she wants.

90210: Adrianna revealed to Annie that she and a recuperating Dixon are having intimacy issues. As Annie grew closer to Colin, Riley suspected Colin is not who he appears to be. Colin set up Naomi's phone so she could read Alec's emails, exposing Alec's efforts to sabotage Max's relationships. Navid suspected Silver and Liam are secretly seeing each other. What started as animosity turned to passion between Lindsey and Liam. Coming: Colin continues to manipulate from behind the scenes.

ONCE UPON A TIME: The truth about Emma's far-from-magical past was revealed when she encountered a fellow thief who wants to make an honest woman out of her. Hoping to find a magical compass to help her and Mary Margaret return to Storybrooke, Emma teamed up with the nefarious Captain Hook to retrieve the item from a murderous giant. Coming: Emma's loyalty is pulled in different directions.

REVENGE: Trying to protect each of their futures, Victoria and Conrad maintained their public ties with the illusion they are loyal and committed to each other. Determined to be the one who brings deeply buried secrets out in the open, the very knowledgeable and dangerous Mason Treadwell sleuthed, while Emily and Amanda struggled to keep their pasts a secret. Coming: The battle rages to see who will emerge victorious.

666 PARK AVENUE: Jane's relationship with Henry was strained when neither he nor the police offered support after her terrifying experience. Jane later had a shattering moment of discovery when she figured out how she is connected to the history of the Drake. Dr. Evans put himself under Gavin's control when he needed help to repay a large gambling debt. Gavin tracked down the person responsible for endangering Olivia and stealing his property, and vowed to end the trouble, whatever the cost. Coming: Jane has a huge burden to carry.

VAMPIRE DIARIES: Stefan and Klaus uneasily united to battle Connor. When Connor took Jeremy, Matt and April hostage, Elena was caught in the middle between Stefan and Damon's disagreement over the best course of action. Klaus' violent response to the problem was to send Dean, a hybrid, to stand up to the vampire hunter. Caroline was surprised to find Hayley at the Lockwood mansion. Professor Shane tried to help Bonnie get past her fear and guilt. Coming: Connor is shown to be as bloodthirsty as his prey.

YOUNG AND RESTLESS: As Sharon confided to Dr. Wat-kins that she burned down Victor's house, Chelsea remembered Adam smelling like smoke on the fateful night and realized Sharon was the arsonist. After Michael turned down Kevin's request to borrow $15 million for a new business venture, he was stunned to hear Gloworm had been destroyed by fire. Phyllis walked in on Avery and Nick's kiss. Eddie, a mobster, demanded a huge ransom from Billy or he'll kill Victoria. Jill met with Tucker. Coming: Katherine knows Jill's return means trouble.