Scopin' the Soaps: On 'The Young and the Restless,' Adam shocks the guests after Victor and Nikki's wedding

On ‘Smash,’ Julia (Debra Messing), left, Eileen (Anjelica Huston) and Katie (Grace Gummer) work to save ‘Bombshell.’

BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL: After Taylor disclosed information about Brooke and Bill's re-launch of the Brooke Bedroom line, Katie became furious when she found her husband celebrating with Brooke, intoxicated and in a compromising position. Dayzee revealed she is a Forrester and warned Maya to keep clear of Rick. Meanwhile, a distracted Rock was confronted by Caroline about his apparent lack of interest in her. Coming: The heartbreak isn't over for Hope.

THE CARRIE DIARIES: On her 17th birthday, Carrie had to choose between a Manhattan literary event or being with her friends and Sebastian. Mouse's attempt to impress a Harvard alumna who seemed interested in West created mirth, but maybe not for Mouse. Walt began to take responsibility for his previous actions. Dorrit's search for the right gift for Carrie led her to a possible new romance. Coming: Carrie's life choices require a delicate balance.

DALLAS: JR's will had a lasting impact for the family legacy and Southfork. Pamela proved her loyalty to John Ross by giving him information to use against her father. Christopher used a JR-like tactic that strained his relationship with Elena. Drew was forced to betray the Ewings to protect a family member. Sue Ellen used her wits to get Gary out of Dallas. Coming: A visitor from the past brings new problems.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Irate with John and Marlena about their treatment of him and Kristen, Brady announced he's through with his parents and proposed to Kristen. Daniel finally learned Chloe had led Jen to believe they had sex and he made amends. Later, Chloe saw Daniel and Jen making love. Nicole was drawn to Vargas, unaware of his identity. Cameron concealed his shady dealings from Abigail. Coming: Chloe uses devious means to lure Daniel back.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: After Lulu told her father Laura wouldn't be marrying Scott if she knew Luke was available, Lulu disappeared and a massive search ensued. Liz agreed to give AJ a second chance, while Carly admitted to Todd she's unable to trust him. Felicia confided to Anna that she's been thinking about Frisco. As the nursing school graduation drew near, Epiphany offered proof Britt framed Sabrina. Coming: Laura has an emotional face to face with Luke.

ONCE UPON A TIME: In a look back to what Storybrooke was like 28 years ago when the fairytale characters first arrived under the curse, Regina discovered that a young boy who recently lost his mother and his widowed father had somehow found their way into her supposedly undetectable town, and recruited Sheriff Graham to solve the problem. Coming: The effects of the past carry into the future.

PRETTY LITTLE LIARS: On the season finale, Aria, Hanna and Emily were unsure whether Spencer had completely recovered, aware of her fragility just a few days earlier. Shocking revelations about Alison's death pushed concerns over Spencer's health to the background as the girls fought another dangerous battle with "A." Coming: The fourth season of "Pretty Little Liars" begins this summer.

RED WIDOW: Marta's plan to escape with her children was foiled when Irwin was freed from jail and had new plans to expand "their" business. An explosive situation ensued when Andrei refused to back his son's new ventures. A drug dependent Mike stooped to robbing his own home to pay his debts. Coming: Marta faces an obstacle to freedom.

REVENGE: Thinking it would help them cover their tracks, Victoria and Conrad started a charitable foundation named for Amanda. However, Jack wasn't buying their "generosity" and had a plan of his own. Meanwhile, Emily's past caught up to her again. Coming: Jack is determined to get justice he can live with.

SECRET LIFE OF THE AMERICAN TEENAGER: On the final season premiere, Amy bought a thrift shop wedding dress and was the only person to see its potential. With Kathy conflicted about returning home after having the baby, Ethan begged his parents to let him go to Texas with her and ask Kathy's parents to let her stay. Anne discovered her ex, David, could be Robie's biological father. A recovering Jack was more in love with Grace than ever. Coming: A surprise awaits Adrian.

SMASH: Adjusting to their new surroundings led to conflicts between Karen, Tom, Julia and Derek. The simmering situation at "Liaisons" was about to boil over, leading the show to an unforeseen place in Broadway history. Eileen may have found her daughter, Katie, is the key to saving "Bombshell." Coming: Which production will make it to the big stage?

VAMPIRE DIARIES: Needing to get Elena away from Mystic Falls, Damon took her to New York City, where he had a wild time in the club scene during the 1970s, including a complicated encounter with Lexi. Caroline and Stefan tried to convince Klaus it would be to his advantage to help them locate Silas. Bonnie struggled to maintain her hold on reality and do the right thing. Coming: Rebekah sees a new dimension to Elena.

YOUNG AND RESTLESS: Adam became aware Victor has a witness who saw him dump Stephanie's body in the alley. Following Victor and Nikki's wedding, Adam turned up with an announcement about the groom. After a difficult visit with his father, Tyler opened up to Lily about his family. Carmine gave Lauren his room key and an invitation. On the pretext of working, Summer texted Kyle to meet her in Jack's office. Coming: Dylan makes an important decision.

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