BETRAYAL: Drew appeared to know something about Sara's secret. Karsten used unsavory tactics to remain in control of his personal kingdom. T.J. sought a way to become independent. Coming: Sara takes measures to keep Drew in the dark.

BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL: Maya was heartbroken when she learned Rick and Caroline are engaged. Liam discovered Quinn was responsible for sending the Steffy video to Hope. Bill and Katie argued over her conditions for Bill to spend time with their child. Coming: Hope appears open to Wyatt's interest in her.

THE CARRIE DIARIES: While living in Manhattan with Walt, Carrie saw Donna with Sebastian and decided to have a night on her own, leading her to meet Samantha Jones. Back in Castlebury, Mouse shut out Maggie when she saw her working at the country club. Coming: Carrie gets to know someone who will change her life.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: High on drugs, Theresa and JJ began to make love, but she overdosed, sending JJ to someone unexpected for help. Lucas put Sami and EJ's future at risk. Chad told Abigail the truth. Coming: Jennifer believes shocking news about Daniel.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Morgan's life was put in danger when he was at the wrong place at the wrong time. Sabrina feared Patrick can't move on with his life. Diane stepped up the custody fight with a court order, prompting Maxie to consider responding with a drastic measure. Derek and Ava's trysts drew suspicion. Coming: A special date arrives on Patrick's calendar.

NASHVILLE: Edgehill Chief Jeff Fordham demanded his new artists present themselves as hot and sexy. Rayna plotted to buy out Edgehill's rights to her music. Gunnar and Avery decided to record new songs with Zoey. Events took place at a benefit concert that would change everyone's life. Coming: One night can reverse a lifetime's course.

ONCE UPON A TIME: Mr. Gold considered confronting Peter Pan, and attempting to save Henry. Coming: Can Gold break with his history and work for good?

THE ORIGINALS: Davina convinced Marcel to let her leave their home to attend a music festival. Hayley visited a doctor in the bayou, where she made a shocking discovery. Rebekah was determined to learn more about an encounter involving Elijah. Coming: Cami is much more than she first seemed.

PRETTY LITTLE LIARS: After finding a clue in "A's" new hideout that Ali could still be alive, the girls crashed the Founders Day Celebration. On his way to Ravenswood, Caleb met Miranda. Coming: "Pretty Little Liars" returns in January.

RAVENSWOOD: Caleb decided to remain in Ravenswood to help Miranda, but had second thoughts after meeting her uncle Raymond. Caleb got off to a bad start with Luke, who is struggling to deal with a family tragedy and scandal that also affected his twin sister Olivia. While investigating the creepy town, Caleb and Miranda found an ally in Remy. Coming: Ravenswood's residents intend to keep their secrets well hidden.

REIGN: Mary and Francis put on a romantic show in front of Simon, who believes their engagement is fragile. Queen Catherine learned someone who knows about her plot to destroy Mary is still alive, and took measures to make sure the threat was silenced. Coming: Mary and Francis realize they must trust each other.

REVENGE: Emily's plan for destruction came to a fiery end, forcing her to get help from an unlikely source to investigate what went wrong, and in so doing, she discovered a secret that could change her future. To protect her own future, Victoria moved to secure her independence. Coming: Emily is forced to shift her strategy.

VAMPIRE DIARIES: Damon and Elena tried to help Stefan cope with his confusion. Matt tried to figure out the cause of his mysterious blackouts. Damon was affected by a startling confession from Jeremy. Many lives would be affected when Dr. Maxfield put his plan in motion. Coming: Unlikely individuals are at the mercy of their emotions.

YOUNG AND RESTLESS: As everyone grieved over Delia's death, Devon grew impatient with the investigation and offered a reward. Michael's judge appeared sympathetic as he issued his ruling for Michael's killing of Carmine. Adam bought black market corneas for his son, only to be told they were no good. Nikki amended her will to include her son. Coming: The search for the hit-and-run driver intensifies.

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