Alyssa Milano stars as Savi on the ABC drama ‘Mistresses.’

ALL MY CHILDREN: After David bailed Colby out of her financial problems, their partnership took a very personal turn. Faced with Brooke's dictate that she is in charge of everything concerning Chandler Enterprises, JR turned to someone for help in regaining control of his life. Miranda's situation at school became more difficult when she was shown a disturbing picture of herself. Coming: Jesse is up against a tight deadline.

BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL: Caroline used her ties to Rafael for her latest scheme to get Maya away from Rick, resulting in Maya receiving a big career opportunity. Hope's mystery man surprised her at home with something she had left behind. Taylor gained information leading her to believe Brooke is after Eric. After sharing what she knew with Thomas, Taylor considered attending Brooke's birthday party to confront her. Pained to see Liam suffering, Bill encouraged his son to go after Steffy. Coming: Secrets are exposed at what should be a happy event.

THE CARRIE DIARIES: On a rebroadcast, Carrie had to look after a drugged up Larissa at an over the top Halloween party, while another party guest forced Walt to confront his hidden desires. Maggie took Mouse to Sebastian's party at the diner to help her keep tabs on him. Dorrit was caught by her father trying to sneak out of the house but found out spending time with her dad wasn't so bad. Coming: Carrie gets an unpleasant surprise.

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DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Will ignored the objections of his loved ones, and confessed everything to Abe in order to help his mother. Sonny stood up to Adrienne regarding his commitment to Will. Justin lashed out at Adrienne when she objected to him representing Sami. Jennifer was beside herself when JJ was arrested. EJ launched his plan to topple Stefano. After admitting to Abigail that he's been manipulating her, Chad made it clear to Cameron he wants to be with Abigail. Daniel shared a theory about Eric. Coming: JJ finds new ammunition to use against Daniel.

THE FOSTERS: Mariana uncovered news that could ruin her Quinceanera party. A visit from Lena's mother resulted in tension between them. Noting Brandon and Talya's conflict about Callie, Stef reminded her son that foster siblings aren't allowed to be romantically involved, but Brandon was pushed to action when Talya warned Callie not to get too close to her boyfriend. Coming: Lexi and Jesus can't resist being together, whatever the cost.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Taylor stunned Molly, in front of TJ, with the bomb that she had slept with TJ, forcing him to tell Molly the truth. Britt found out about the paternity test Patrick and Sabrina were conducting and raced to stop them. Stunned by AJ's confession he had sex with Carly, Liz refused to allow him to blame it on Nik. Ava and Franco plotted to take over ELQ and win back their daughter Kiki's affection. Luke suffered another medical emergency. Coming: Sonny and Olivia get closer.

MISTRESSES: A newly pregnant Savi believed her husband is more likely the baby's father than Dom, her one-night tryst. April was pressured by the woman who claims to have had a child by April's dead husband. Karen went against Savi's advice and was drawn closer to Sam Gray, the college-age son of her deceased lover. Joss befriended her gay client, Alex who has relationship issues. Coming: Savi keeps a secret from her spouse.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE: Jeffrey investigated "Michelle" and was shocked to learn the truth, even as Matthew finally met the online girl he's been pursuing for weeks. Natalie confided to Destiny about her feelings for John. Jack's priorities abruptly changed after he met someone at the coffee shop. Todd was shaken by what he found at Willow Lake. Viki received news about the fund in which she had invested everything. Coming: Matthew finds out if reality is as good as fantasy.

PRETTY LITTLE LIARS: Concerned her mother is keeping a dangerous secret and determined to protect her, Hanna had to endure an uncomfortable meeting with Detective Holbrook. When "A" targeted Emily's mom, Aria made a desperate plea to her own mother. The Liars followed a clue to a creepy mask maker who may be connected to someone in town. Melissa returned to Rosewood. Spencer and Toby examined his past. Coming: Exploring Toby's background leads to an unpleasant place.

SWITCHED AT BIRTH: The demands on Toby of performing his new job, as well as planning a wedding on a budget, took a toll on his and Nikki's relationship. Hoping to give her brother some relief, Bay booked Toby's band for a local carnival but things didn't go as planned. Angelo was frustrated by Regina and Bay's messiness. Adrianna's frequent visits put Kathryn on edge. Jace and Daphne shared a new pastime. Coming: Added pressures put a wedding in doubt.

TWISTED: Jo's study buddy, Rico, was disappointed when she decided to drop her antisocial attitude at school. Jo's decision to participate in an anti-drunk driving skit got her more attention than she expected. With his relationship strained as his case dragged on, Kyle was determined to locate evidence that would incriminate Danny. Unaware of Kyle's scheme, Danny saw a chance to reconnect with Lacey. Coming: Danny's desire to start fresh hits another obstacle.

VAMPIRE DIARIES: On a rebroadcast, the hallucinations plaguing Elena caused her to make a dangerous mistake. Klaus took matters concerning Elena into his own hands. With help from Klaus and Stefan, Jeremy began a new phase of his life. Matt gave Damon startling new information about Professor Shane, who had shared a story of ancient witchcraft. Elena made a painful confession to Stefan. Coming: Shane opens the door to a dangerous path.

YOUNG AND RESTLESS: Chloe accused Kevin of avoiding his real problem - stealing - and declared their marriage is over. Chelsea accepted Dylan's marriage proposal. Gus' will left half his estate to his children and the other half to the mysterious Rose Turner. On a date to convince Fen they're committed to their marriage, Lauren and Michael were interrupted by a champagne delivery, which Michael suspected came from Car-mine. Jack was concerned about Traci and her marriage, but she refused to discuss it. Coming: Nick needs to decide what he wants.


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