BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL: As Liam and Steffy's wedding took place, Oliver reached out to a heartbroken Hope, offering her a happy future. When Katie received good news about her health, Brooke intended to permanently suppress her feelings for Bill, while he made a sincere commitment to his marriage. Meanwhile, Lt. Baker pursued his investigation of the car accident, and Taylor overheard him interrogate Brooke. Unable to divert Rick's attention from Maya, Caroline enlisted Carter to help keep her rival away from Rick. Coming: Taylor may find herself with unexpected ammunition.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Caught in the rectory office, Nicole and Vargas took their lovemaking elsewhere, and she called out Eric's name. Nicole agreed not to quit working for Eric, despite her feelings for him. When Jen got her job back at the hospital, Anne made it clear Jennifer is her enemy. Cameron gave Abigail a passionate kiss for saving his career. Brady exploded at his father after interrupting a sexually charged moment between John and Kristen. Stefano agreed to help Sami, Will and EJ retrieve the damaging evidence from the police station. Coming: Ciera unwittingly holds the key to Kristen's undoing.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Prepared to end her pregnancy on her own, Britt opted to ask Patrick to go with her - just as he was about to leave for his first date with Sabrina. Britt found Ellie about to open Maxie's medical records. Milo hid Lulu from her loved ones in his apartment while Dante search-ed relentlessly for his wife. After Carly refused to accept Johnny's call from prison, he pleaded with Connie to warn Carly, but instead she warned Sonny about Morgan being in danger. Nikolas told Liz that AJ had threatened him. Coming: Luke could be a game changer for Scott and Laura.

90210: In an effort to get teenage professional surfer Cassie to become their first sponsored athlete, Liam and Navid asked her favorite musician, Olly Murs, to do a special performance. Naomi's attempt to make a good impression on Jordan's mother had disastrous consequences. When Annie decided to publicly reveal that her novel is fiction, Dixon persuaded her to change her mind and tell the truth. Coming: Relationships are resolved as "90210" concludes.

ONCE UPON A TIME: Mr. Gold enlisted David's assistance to help him try to bring back Belle's now cursed memories, so he can get her to love him again. News that the magic beans Anton and the dwarves have been harvesting are growing, and could possibly take everyone home, left Emma torn over whether to remain in the modern world or live in fairytale land. In the former fairytale land, Rumplestiltskin forced Belle to accompany him on a hunt to kill a thief, whom she had freed. Coming: Some have much to gain by staying in Storybrooke.

SECRET LIFE OF THE AMERICAN TEENAGER: Trying to ignore other people's doubts about his and Amy's marriage, Ricky attempted to find a way to support Amy's dream of attending Hudson University. However, Amy's meeting with the college counselor didn't go as expected. Adrian was furious when Omar asked her to move to New York. Following a visit from a lawyer, Jack considered suing the college for failing to prevent his attack. Ethan intended to learn why Don is in town. Coming: Jack's actions lead him to a spiritual crisis.

SMASH: Jimmy spiraled completely out of control, threatening the future of "Hit List," while Karen, Derek, Ana and Kyle tried to help him before something bad happened. Tom and Julia's partnership became several strained. Ivy, Eileen and everyone in "Bombshell" worked to exhaustion to outshine their competition. Coming: A personal tragedy affects everyone.

VAMPIRE DIARIES: Tipped that he's being plotted against in New Orleans, Klaus returned to the city he and his family helped build and was reunited with his protege, Marcel, who now has control over all of the city's residents. Trying to help his brother, Elijah followed Klaus to New Orleans and discovered Hayley has fallen into the hands of a powerful witch named Sophie. Katherine showed a surprising vulnerability to Rebekah and asked her to deliver a message. Coming: Damon and Stefan refuse to give up on Elena.

YOUNG AND RESTLESS: Billy won On the Boulevard in a poker game but told Victoria he bought the restaurant. Adam pressed Sharon until she revealed Chloe is pregnant. He then demanded Chloe tell him the name of the baby's father, as Dylan stood nearby. After suffering a heart attack, Gus woke up in the hospital and mentioned a woman's name that was unfamiliar to Leslie, but later denied what he said. Phyllis had issues dealing with news of Nick's engagement to Avery. Coming: Carmine takes advantage of Lauren and Michael's marital woes.

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