Kitchen Finds
MADISON RUSS, Staff Writer

1. Prepara Herb Savor $22.56

Love cooking with fresh herbs but can't get them to keep? The Prepara Herb Favor BPA-free container is expected to triple the life expectancy of your herbs with the aid of adding water to the container.

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Where to buy:

2. Garlic Grater and Oil Dipping Dish $15.00

If you're a fan of dipping a nice slice of bread in oil with a little bit of garlic, this two-in-one garlic grater and oil dipping dish makes it easy.

Where to buy: Uncommon Goods

3. Himalayan Salt with Grater $35.00

By now, you've probably heard of the benefits of Himalayan sea salt. The kit, which comes completely with a salt rock and mini-grater, will have you sprinkling every meal with a little pink goodness just like #saltbae.

Where to buy: Uncommon Goods

4. Una Casa Ceramic Canister Set for Coffee, Tea and Sugar $29.99

This three piece canister set made of bamboo with an airtight lids is perfect to keeping your kitchen orderly or even your desk.

Where to buy: Amazon

5. M.O.C. Woodworks White Oak 12 Inch Wood Magnetic Knife Holder $45

This magnetic knife strip in solid white oak is made in the USA and is sure to free up counter space. Just slap your favorite knife on the strip and call it a day.

Where to buy: Amazon

6. Beeswax Reusable Sandwich Wrap $10

If you're the eco-friendly type, these reusable sandwich wraps made from cotton, beeswax, and natural oils will be your favorite lunchtime companion.

Where to buy: Uncommon Goods

7. Avocado Huggers $7.95

Anyone who is an avocado lover knows they're not always the easiest to keep fresh once they've been sliced. This set of two avocado huggers pops over the fruit (pit and all) to keep it fresh. It's one bold step toward being able to have avocado toast today and a few sliced chucks on a salad tomorrow.

Where to buy: Uncommon Goods

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