State Property at A.C. Summer Fest

Beanie Sigel and fellow members of State Property performed during the Atlantic City Summer Festival in 2011 at Bernie Robbins Sandcastle Stadium.

ATLANTIC CITY - It took seven years, but the rap group State Property reunites during the Atlantic City Summer Fest tonight at Bernie Robbins Sandcastle Stadium here.

"We're in agreement on this. Everybody wanted to do their solo things and spread their wings and stand out on their own. Now, it's just time," said rapper Beanie Sigel, the head of Philadelphia-based State Property, Thursday at the stadium. "They (his fellow group members) have changed, and it's puzzling to me. They got better. I think Peedi Crakk is a megastar. Chris from the Young Gunz is a megastar. They grew."

Formed in 2001 in Phila-delphia, State Property featured Freeway, Oschino, Omillio Sparks and Neef Buck along with Peedi Crakk, Young Chris and Sigel. They released two Top 10 rap singles, "Roc the Mic" in 2002 and "Can't Stop, Won't Stop" in 2003.

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The movie "State Property" was partially filmed in Passaic County and released by Lionsgate. It featured most of the State Property members and starred Sigel and fellow rapper Jay-Z. The film was originally intended to be released straight to DVD, but it made $2 million during its theatrical release in 2002, Sigel said. "State Property 2" made its way into theaters three years later.

"State Property," the movie, is a hip-hop variation on "Scarface." Some people consider it a urban crime classic, in the same category as "South Central," "Juice," starring the late Tupac Shakur, and "Boyz n the Hood," starring Ice Cube.

"Beanie Sigel is going to be as big as Beanie Sigel is going to be, but State Property can be as big as Beanie Sigel or bigger because there is strength in numbers," said Sigel, currently a Pleasantville resident. "The reunion is not going to be us together performing and doing shows. We're actually trying to do 'State Property 3,' the movie."

In State Property the rap group, everyone has their own special thing, and no two members sound alike, Sigel said.

They represent different parts of Philadelphia: south Philadelphia with Sigel; Uptown with Young Chris and Neef Buck; west Philadelphia with Oschino and Omillion Sparks; and the Badlands section of north Philadelphia with Peedi Crakk.

Sigel believes the last time he performed in the resort was when Jay-Z opened his 40/40 club in 2005.

Besides the State Property and local rappers, the concert features Miami rapper Rick Ross, Philadelphia rapper Meek Mill and a reunion by two members of the Diplomats, also known as Dipset crew, New York City rappers Juelz Santana and Jim Jones.

Sigel won't be surprised if fellow New York Dipset crew member Cam'ron shows up even though his name hasn't been announced.

With his Philadelphia roots, Sigel said he has heard of Mill before his involvement with Ross. Mill is a phenomenal dirt bike rider in addition to being a rapper, Sigel said.

Sigel has heard Mill rhyme on DVDs and over the Internet.

"You put a camera in his face, and he's on. He had that hunger and that drive. He had a situation where he was going to sign with (rapper) T.I.," Sigel said. "Rick Ross started Maybach Music. He (Ross) followed the blueprint. Jay-Z, where did he go to get his talent? Philadelphia. I think the best rappers in the game are coming from Philadelphia."

Bernie Robbins Sandcastle Stadium will be used for the first time in two years with Summer Fest.

Concerts, held in the past at the stadium, include Lakeside and Con Funk Shun and other funk bands and separate shows by Orgy and Smash Mouth in 1999 and Mandy Moore and Baha Men and a separate performance by Alabama in 2000.

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Atlantic City Summer Fest

6 tonight at Bernie Robbins Sandcastle Stadium, 545 N. Albany Ave., Atlantic City. Gates open at 5 p.m. Tickets, priced at $40, $60 and $125 (front row), are available at and at licensed sellers located throughout southern New Jersey, listed at

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