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HAMMONTON — You binge-watch TV shows, right? Why not do the same thing with theater?

SensaMotion had no trouble entertaining the crowd with original songs during a recent gig as the house band for Sunday reggae nights at Baia Restaurant in Somers Point.

We, The Press of Atlantic City, in order to form a more perfect Living page, establish trivia, present Independence Day ephemera and promote the general welfare, do hereby offer the following comments, dates, facts and figures associated with this most national of national holidays.

I stomped through the dusty Cambodian jungle in a line of 10 or so people, listening to the voice of our guide as he bushwhacked ahead. A mud-coated branch slapped me across the cheek, and I looked down to find little wisps of mud up and down my arms, a distinct trail left by the giant gray …

With the Bliss Bridal Expo taking place from noon to 4 p.m. April 3 at the Carriage House in Galloway Township, it’s a good time to think about weddings and how to make sure yours is a success. Here is some advice from local experts on making sure your big day is a great day.

The Easter we know today seems to be all about chocolate bunnies, fake grass, jelly beans, sugar-coated neon marshmallow animals and the art of dyeing the perfect egg.

Holiday meals are an excuse to trot out all the familiar, incredible foods we grew up with and absolutely adore, perhaps even more than the family members who gather around the dinner table.

I remember the day the Bonnie and Clyde "death car" came to my hometown. Bedecked with lurid headlines, the trailer truck that held it sat in the rural Maryland parking lot in front of Leggett's department store for days, and none of my friends could talk of much else. The number of bullet h…

Ancient Rome is important, Mary Beard tells us at the start of "SPQR: A History of Ancient Rome," her smart and exuberant survey of the first millennium of Roman history. "Rome still helps us to define the way we understand our world and think about ourselves, from high theory to low comedy.…

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