Blueprint of a Mom ( Louise Guidetti) 

Proud to be a Daddy's girl, was how I saw myself.

Never gave my Mom the credit, just hid her on the shelf.

Tucked away the memories of time that we had spent.

Gave my Dad all the glory, and gave my Mom what was left.

What she gave was more than fun,

Because I've learned through what she's done

A blueprint on how to be a Mom.

Teaching CCD, carting me to dance and art and Brownies.

Waitressing on her feet all night when money got a little tight.

Working with Daddy in the store always busy giving more. and a little extra.

High fevers, sore throats, surgeries, babies and cancer the worst.

Praying at my side, novena's through the night.

Holy oil on my head, kneeling bedside as you read the Bible.

Back to school GED, nursing program, at 43.

Learned guitar, sang at church, note by note, verse by verse.

Caring for the elderly a job you would have done for free. ...4 hours sleep.

Not a complaint would touch your lip, Not a cross word ever slipped.

Bible studies in the day, helping friends along the way.

Doing everything for you Lord, never seeking to reward.pure joy.

A song in your heart and skip in your step, never did I see u rest.

Young at heart, strong of mind, never a minute of idle time.

All right there for me to see what kind of woman I could be.a Mom.

Thinking I was more like dad, I didn't realize the impact you had.

The foundation that you loving laid, made me who I am today.

I learned from what you did and said, it wasn't from a book I read

But a blueprint of a Mom.

- Monica Hawthorne, North Cape May