I am so fortunate to have a mother as wonderful as mine. It was my freshman year at the College of Charleston in South Carolina, a 12-hour ride from my home in Wildwood. I was excited to be on my own ... until I realized that my room didn't have cable. I know how silly that sounds, but when you are surrounded by nothing but unfamiliar things, you need to have a familiar escape - or TV. Within five hours of my stressed-out phone call, my mother hopped in the car, drove 12 hours, hooked up my cable, and then drove home - all within a 36 hour span. That's love. It didn't matter that it was something as silly as hooking up cable, I had a problem and my mom was there without hesitation. Not only was I touched that she would take so much time out of her busy schedule without me even asking her, I was impressed that she knew how to rewire cable. To this day, whenever my college roommates bring up that story trying to make fun of how much I used to love TV, I just smile - because that story reminds me just how lucky I am to have a mother who cares so much about me that she drove 24 hours just to hook up her daughter's cable. - Kelly Belasco, Wildwood Crest