Anne Wolovitz is my mother and a mom to many others. She was orphaned at age 15 in the 1930's. She had a little sister that needed a home and she took her in as if she were her child. Along the way she provided love and comfort to countless others. She never lost her sense of optimism. She suffered so many tragic losses. Her brother was killed in World War II. My dad suffered ill health and mom became his caregiver. My brother died of lung cancer. Isn't that the toughest loss to endure - no matter the age of your child. But she never stopped caring and giving. Even now as she approaches her 90th year, she has that "can do" quality. She has many physical problems but never complains. She knows every one of the great-grandchildren, their names and ages and which one belongs with each member of the family. She is an inspiration to us all. - Iris Needleman, Ventnor