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  1. Explore the Shore: All aboard the A.J. Meerwald

    As parents boarded the A.J. Meerwald in Barnegat Light last week, they hugged kids they had not seen in four days.
  2. Kid going to college? The 7 cooking skills they need to know

    When our oldest child left for college last fall, I knew I would miss him terribly. But would he miss or even think about home? We’re really close, but Solomon is an independent guy and had spent plenty of time away, so I was pretty sure he wouldn’t be homesick. I was happy to call him weekly, but I wasn’t sure what might prompt him to initiate a call or text.
  3. Legendary broadcaster Ed Hurst still behind the mic at 90

    When Ed Hurst, of Margate, looks back on his 73 years working in radio and television, some years stand out as favorites.

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  • Life

    75 looks good on Wonder Woman

    She may not look it, but Wonder Woman is celebrating her 75th birthday this year.

  • Life

    Comic-Con live blog: Female heroes make a splash, new trailer for "The Flash"

    This Thursday through Sunday is Comic-Con International in San Diego, the biggest comic and pop-culture convention of the year, the event that launches 1,000 trailers, teasers and bits of leaked footage for upcoming movies and TV shows.

  • Life

    Jeffrey Walker helped Comic-Con evolve

    LOS ANGELES - In a galaxy known as New York, in a drab age before Trekkies and light sabers, there lived a curious boy who liked comic books, time travel and Elvis. He read Isaac Asimov and tuned in to John Zacherle, this Phantom of the Opera-type guy with scraggly hair and a creepy laugh who introduced horror movies on Channel 9, which, if you were a kid at the time, was something close to splendid.

Melissa Rivers on writing 'The Book of Joan'

Before launching into a slew of brazen zingers, comedian Joan Rivers often used her signature catchphrase, "Can we talk?"

How comics took over the world

Like superheroes and villains who gain power and strength over time, comic books have slowly made their way from underneath the beds of children to take over the pop-culture globe.

When flea treatments stop working

Have you noticed an explosion of fleas with your companions this season? I certainly have and so, apparently have Esteban and his dog, Carter.

Chris Noth's on board 'Titanic' miniseries

The man widely known as "Big" gets even bigger: He's playing J.P. Morgan, one of history's towering business magnates.

Schroeder finds humor, humanity in war reenactments

As an actor who loved experimental theater, and a transplant to Los Angeles - where life centers on the here-and-now or the next big deal - Charlie Schroeder might seem the least likely guide through the rigid, arcane world of historical re-enactment. Turns out he's perfect for the job.

Kimora post-Phat still Just Fabulous

The ever-evolving mogul and larger-than-life St. Louis native Kimora Lee Simmons has begun yet another chapter of her model-turned-multimedia-tycoon career.

Scopin' the Soaps: On 'Smash,' Derek's decision changes Karen and Ivy's lives forever

BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL: Pleased to see that her scheme worked and Caroline is avoiding Rick, Amber used the situation to her advantage and ended up in a kiss with Rick. Asked for help by Rick, Hope saw the photos sent to Caroline that had turned her off, and confronted Amber, who was immediately defensive. When Caroline invited Thomas to her parents' house for dinner, Karen insisted she keep the family secret to herself, but Caroline later made a startling admission to Thomas. Katie had big news for Bill. Coming: Caroline's disclosure creates dissension in the family.

Tom Clancy's 'Dead or Alive' again tops fiction best-seller list


'True Grit': a tale of loss and redemption

Sometimes you read a book at the wrong time. That was the case for me with Charles Portis' 1968 novel "True Grit," which I first picked up in the early 1970s, after seeing the film with John Wayne. Back then, I had no idea what Portis was doing; I read the book as if it were in the vein of, say, Sid Fleischman's "By the Great Horn Spoon!," a novel for young readers about the Gold Rush. Both take place in the Old West, and both involve adolescent protagonists, but there the resemblance ends.

Self-published book

Picture book

Amanda Beard writing memoir

NEW YORK - Gold medal-winning Olympic swimmer Amanda Beard wants to set an example outside the water, as well as in it.

Tori Spelling to write two new books

Tori, Tori, Tori

Anne Rice pens second in 'Seraphim' series

More than 30 years after penning the now-classic "Interview With a Vampire," best-selling author Anne Rice retains her knack for spinning an intoxicating yarn.

Author's novels inspire home decor

ST. AUGUSTINE, Fla. - In writer Steve Berry's home - just as in his historical thrillers - everything has meaning.

Author seeks to understand Israel in novel that becomes a travelogue

PHILADELPHIA - Sarah Glidden's first graphic novel - "How to Understand Israel in 60 Days or Less" - is not just her debut, but a travelogue with a decidedly personal bent that invokes a deft blend of history, skepticism and, ultimately, acceptance.

Musician-actor, Common, working on book

Common's sense

Serious undercurrents in Rushdie's new novel

It is hard to overstate the lightheartedness and love with which Salman Rushdie conveys this brief tale of a boy on a quest.

Self-published book

About the

Nora Ephron reflects on aging and things she can't remember

NEW YORK - Nora Ephron is thinking about algorithms.

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