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What is Jersey Shore cuisine?

I remember the day the Bonnie and Clyde "death car" came to my hometown. Bedecked with lurid headlines, the trailer truck that held it sat in the rural Maryland parking lot in front of Leggett's department store for days, and none of my friends could talk of much else. The number of bullet h…

Ancient Rome is important, Mary Beard tells us at the start of "SPQR: A History of Ancient Rome," her smart and exuberant survey of the first millennium of Roman history. "Rome still helps us to define the way we understand our world and think about ourselves, from high theory to low comedy.…

The city that remains synonymous with America's auto industry has a newer identity as an emblem of urban decay. Its decline is all the more tragic when one looks in the rearview mirror to see how Detroit seemed to be firing on all cylinders a half-century ago.

Like superheroes and villains who gain power and strength over time, comic books have slowly made their way from underneath the beds of children to take over the pop-culture globe.

Have you noticed an explosion of fleas with your companions this season? I certainly have and so, apparently have Esteban and his dog, Carter.

As an actor who loved experimental theater, and a transplant to Los Angeles - where life centers on the here-and-now or the next big deal - Charlie Schroeder might seem the least likely guide through the rigid, arcane world of historical re-enactment. Turns out he's perfect for the job.

The ever-evolving mogul and larger-than-life St. Louis native Kimora Lee Simmons has begun yet another chapter of her model-turned-multimedia-tycoon career.

Sometimes you read a book at the wrong time. That was the case for me with Charles Portis' 1968 novel "True Grit," which I first picked up in the early 1970s, after seeing the film with John Wayne. Back then, I had no idea what Portis was doing; I read the book as if it were in the vein of, …

NEW YORK - Gold medal-winning Olympic swimmer Amanda Beard wants to set an example outside the water, as well as in it.

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