Back as best-seller

Pre-orders for the first of three planned volumes of Mark Twain's autobiography, released in full upon the centennial of Twain's death, have for the past few days placed the book in the Top 5 of Barnes & and "The Autobiography of Mark Twain, Volume 1" comes out Nov. 15.

Associated Press

from the University of California Press, which already has increased the first printing from 50,000 copies to 75,000, the publisher said Tuesday. The book is a highly unusual hit, not only because it was written so long ago, but because the actual text is an assembly of remembrances, commentaries, newspaper clippings and journal entries. Twain had worked on his memoir for years and never finished it.

Excerpts have appeared over the past several decades, but Twain's strong opinions on current affairs and other matters were left out, at his request. He had said that it was best to wait 100 year after his death for the whole book to be released.